Two Videos That Demonstrate That Corporate and Community Happiness are Important for Every Company to Pursue


A group selfie at Amwaj, from out recent Big Bang.

A group selfie at Amwaj, from out recent Big Bang.

I think it was Sigmund Freud who said that, ultimately all humans are motivated either by the desire to gain pleasure, or avoid pain.  In other words, we are all motivated by the desire to be happy.  One could argue that it’s all about happiness.  Why do people want more money? Or fame, or health, or material possessions? Because they want to be happy, that’s why.

And since we all desire happiness, why not make that part of every organisation’s purpose and mission? That’s exactly what we’re doing at the DreamBody Centre (DBC).  At the DBC, our purpose is to make the world a healthier and happier place, and our mission is to make people happier by giving them their Dream Body.  We believe in our purpose and mission, and live and breathe them daily.  Yes of course we pursue profits, but profits are a side effect of our overall purpose.

We want to make sure our Team Members are happy, that our customers are happy, and that our community is happy. When it comes to making Team Members happy there’s a lot we do, but the main thing is our annual Big Bang. Here, we close the DBC for three days and just have fun.  We do training, games, bonding exercises, a talent competition and give out all kinds of awards.  The Team Members love it!

I was recently asked in an interview “Some businessmen might think it commercial suicide to shut up shop in such a manner and keep existing and potential new customers away, what would you say to that?”  This was my reply:

Well we’ve been doing it for seven years and we’re not dead yet.  Besides, no one can every accuse me of having traditional business thinking.  Moreover, having happy motivated, and loyal Team Members is good for business.  I’m blessed to have some extraordinary Team Members that love what they do and are very loyal.  Many of them have been offered jobs at other places with much higher salaries but they’ve refused to leave.  Is this business suicide?  Quite the opposite.

Generally speaking, companies that have a higher purpose perform very well.  In fact, they out-perform your normal, share-holder only focused companies.  For a more in-depth analysis read the book Firms of Endearment, by Raj Sisodia, David B. Wolfe and Jag Sheth.

The first video below shows our recent Big Bang.  Notice all the smiling and happy faces!

The Healthier and Happier Initiative

As part of the DBC purpose, we’ve launched the Healthier and Happier Initiative.  Every time a person joins the DreamBody Centre, a fixed amount of money from their weight loss programme is set aside to help society. Specifically, we aim to help combat child obesity and promote children’s health and physical activity.

The second video shows an event we did at Khalifa Park on World Health Day to promote wellness.  Again notice the happy faces.

Happiness Quantified

As an fyi, we measure customer and Team Members satisfaction every 6 months using the Net Promoter Score survey (NPS).  In NPS, the final number can vary from -100 to +100.  In our last survey, members rated us at +85 (higher than Apple) and Team Members +79.  If you are curious, why not measure your NPS, and see what results you get.

Anyway, enough talking.  Herewith the two videos, hope you like them.





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