Attention Men: Your Ultimate Positive Affirmation!

Old style boxing

This affirmation is inspired by Will Bowen’s prosperity prayer (strictly for macho men!):

I am the ultimate manifestation of discipline. I can achieve anything I desire. I attract my goals with laser precision.

My allies support me, and my enemies tremble before me! I command armies of Ninja Monkeys and tidal waves of Nuclear Sharks! Nothing can stop me!

My faith in the Almighty is unshakable, and nothing can stand in my way! I blast through obstacles like an enraged bazooka. Problems melt away at the sight of me.

I am a well of limitless creativity and ingenuity. My uniqueness is unmatched, and the value I offer the world is unrivalled.

My power to achieve is limitless. The Zero Point Field infuses me with super powers and fuels my consciousness.

I am a beacon of vision, light and happiness. Mother Earth nourishes me, and the planets recharge me. I am the embodiment of compassionate yet unrelenting determination.

I am Batman, Spiderman and Ironman rolled into one! And I hereby declare my independence and financial freedom, NOW and henceforth forever!

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