Automobile University: The Best University in The World

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Someone once asked me, at an event I was speaking at, if I was a life long learner. “Absolutely” I replied!

In my sometimes-but-not-always humble opinion, you’re either growing or your dying, there’s no in-between. Knowledge is like a bucket with a small hole in the bottom, you have to continuously top it up. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs, who need to have as many skills as possible; things like sales, management, marketing, HR, leadership, IT, staff motivation, PR… the list goes on and on.

This of course is true for any professional who takes his or her job seriously, there’s always something new to learn. So how to find the time to actually learn all this new information?

Enter Automobile University.

I think it was the late Zig Ziglar who first coined this term. Basically it means listening to educational material while driving in your car. Depending on which source you use, the average American spends anywhere from an hour and 36 minutes to two hours and 38 minutes a day in his car. Let’s say it’s two hours (I assume it’s a bit more than that for the average Arab, as we have poor infrastructures, but let’s stick to 2 hours).

This comes to 14 hours a week, 60 hours or 2.5 days a month, and 30 days a year! Instead of listening to music during this time you could spend it listening to educational audio material. Personally, I consider what I learned at Automobile University far more valuable than what I learnt at real university. I have a massive library of educational audio material, and it’s had a huge impact on my life.

Not sure what to listen to? Here are 10 sources to consider:

1) Audible.


3) Joe Vitale.

4) Brian Tracy.

5) Deepak Chopra.

6) Eckhart Tolle.

7) Tony Robins.

8) Dan Kennedy.

9) Nightingale-Conant.

10) Kevin Gianni.

This should set you up for the next year at least! Happy learning!

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