How You Can Have Better Staff Than Your Competition

During a DBC Leadership Mentoring Programme session.

During a DBC Leadership Mentoring Programme session.

As an entrepreneur, one of your roles is to make the right investments, correct? Or to use investment banking parlance, you have to think about proper asset allocation. And as an entrepreneur, your most precious asset is your time, and I believe – despite your extreme busyness – that you must invest time in training your staff.

Look, the other players in your industry are just as busy, and probably think that they don’t have time to invest in staff training, and that mind-set will give you a huge advantage! While they have second rate employees, you’ll have first rate ones that only get better.

The advantages of training:

There’s the obvious advantage; better trained Team Members perform better, giving you an advantage over others. But there’s more to it, when you invest time and effort in training your staff, what you’re really doing is telling them “you are important to me.” This will increase their motivation, which again will increase their performance.

In the long term, employee retention will improve, leading to increased productivity and efficiency,reduced costs and higher profits. You see, you really cannot ignore this.

Training frequency:

At the DreamBody Centre we conduct training weekly! Every week, week in, week out. The Team covers a section of the operations manual, and then another the week after that, and so on until the whole manual is covered. And then we do it again! We also conduct more intense training once a month.

In addition to that, there is intense (yet fun) training during our annual Big Bang. I also make sure to provide external training from time to time. My aim is to have the best trained Team Members out there. And I believe this gives me a real edge over others.

Who does the training?

This depends on the size of your business and how many employees you have. If you have a small operation then you’ve got to do it yourself, as I did for very many years. If you have a large staff then you can delegate that to one of your managers – but make sure that this person is highly trained themselves.

In addition to our intense training regiment, I’ve recently introduced internal mentoring, I call it the Leadership Mentoring Programme (LMP). Here I take a group of Falakonians (Falak Enterprises Team Members) and take them to an intense, 8-week mentoring programme run by me personally.

The programme has a set curriculum but is flexible enough to allow for a lot of questions and discussions. I teach the Team Members about leadership, personal development, the 7 Habits, time management, and personal and spiritual development. So far the Team Members who have attended have told me that the course has changed their lives. I’m very proud of that.


I know you might be thinking that you don’t have the time for this, but trust me, it will pay back in spades. Basically, you can’t afford not to do this. Just make it part of your routine.

Have a weekly meeting with your Team (same day and time every week) where you discuss all aspects of your business, then follow that up with thirty to sixty minutes of training. And do it forever.

Now enjoy the growth in your bottom line. Your welcome.

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