Suhail Algosaibi Exposed!

The Bahrain chapter of Entrepreneur Organisation (EO), has an excellent Communication Chair, who is none other than my friend and Bahrain’s “Blogfather” Mahmood.

Twice a month, Mahmood sends out an “expose” about one of our members.  It was my turn recently, and I thought I’d share what he “exposed” about me.  Here goes:

– New in my iPod:
Adele, she’s amazing.

– What I’m reading:
إسلام بلا مذاهب، للدكتور مصطفى الشكعة. Before that I read a book about the history of Shiites‪.‬  In light of the recent ‪(‬or ongoing‪?)‬ crisis‪,‬ I‪’‬m working hard to understand my Shia brothers better‪.‬  I‪’‬m trying to separate fact from fiction about the other noble sect‪.‬

– Non-profit I support:
Be Free, an anti-child abuse programme run by amazing people.

– The town and country I was born in:
Offenbach, Germany.  Born to a Saudi father and German mother.

– Spouse, kids, pet:
Alia, wife of 12 years.  Three Kids, Selma (9), Laith (7) and Tameem (2.5).

– Favorite get-away:
I don’t think I have one!

– Favorite restaurant:
Lanterns and Sato.

– My secret talent:
Clapping with one hand.

– Last live concert I attended:
I don’t remember! Probably something in La Fontaine.

– The drink I like:
Green Tea

– If I wasn’t an entrepreneur I’d be:

– Ask me about:
Marketing, sales, customer service and employee motivation.

– My nick name:
Manfred von Richthofen

– Get to know me over coffee/lunch/drinks:

– My pet peeve:
Waiting for the government to announce reforms so that we can get on with our lives.

– I would do just about anything for a:
Day with just nothing to do.

My business (makes me feel):
Happy, important, self-satisfied and fulfilled.

– The best business advice I have ever received:
“You’re not in the ‘thing’ business; you’re in the marketing of the ‘thing’ business”

– Number of employees:
We’re the smallest we’ve been in years.  I think we’re about 16 now.

– Elevator speech:
“I’m in the business of enhancing, improving and changing people’s lives in just 23 minutes.”

– The length of time I’ve been in EO:
Proud member since 2006!

I hope you found that somewhat interesting.  By the way, if you’re interested in joining EO please get in touch.

Talk soon.

2 Responses to Suhail Algosaibi Exposed!

  1. Cathy 11 October 2011 at 10:06 am #

    Can you call running a household a business? I have several employees beneath me and manage their salaries (allowances). I am thinking about letting a couple go, though I feel very close to them and don’t have the heart. Unfortunately the CEO (my husband) doesn’t give me my own salary, but he says I get any and all of what he has. Maybe I need to renegotiate? Liked your answers. I love Lanterns and Sato too! Next time I’m there can we do lunch? Wait, how much do you charge for that . . .

  2. Suhail 12 October 2011 at 1:29 am #

    If you ever see me there, please come and say hello. All you have to do is pay for my meal 🙂

    Good luck in your negotiations!

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