Krazy Kevin Interview 12: How To Overcome Adult Bullying

Adult bullying is a very real problem.

Adult bullying is a very real problem.

This was the topic of this week’s radio interview with DJ Krazy Kevin.  Adult bullying is a very real problem, and is certainly not given the attention it deserves in our part of the world.

Kevin records the calls from his phone, and if someone tries to call him the recording gets interrupted.  This happen last week and unfortunately this week as well.  There’s about a minute or so missing from the audio, you’ll hear me jumping in towards the end and filling the missing gap.  The discussion topic was suggested by “Mr. O” on my Facebook page.  He received a signed copy of my book for the great suggestion, if you fancy winning a signed copy, then please let me know if there’s any specific topic you’d like Kevin and I to talk about.

Hope you like it and talk to you soon.

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