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Why I Love Germany

Some people think I’m weird. They ask me “Suhail, why Germany?”. Even some Germans ask me that questions. Most GCC Arabs like to go to the South of France or Spain. Or even London, where they understand the language, but few people go to Germany. When they ask me where I stay in Germany I […]

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Me in a German Circus!

Here’s some news from Germany. The other day my wife, my mother, my cousin Anna and I, took Selma and Laith to a circus. Zirkus Bromach was the name I think. It was one of these -really, really- small, family circuses. The performers were also the people who sold the overpriced popcorn, who were also […]

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A Strange Thing…

I had a book signing at Jashanmal’s in Seef Mall this weekend. It was for my new book, The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook. As I was sitting there waiting to autograph some books a guy approached me. Very nice guy. He shook my hand and congratulated me on the book and on my success, and he […]

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