My Current Exercise Regimen

  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know I’m an early riser and big believer in morning exercise.  But I don’t think I’ve ever published any details of the type of workouts I do.  You’ve probably heard me say this before, a good exercise programme should consist of resistance training and cardio […]

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Why I Switched from Batelco to Viva

  I’ve never been much of a fan of Batelco.  I’d say that their service is at best mediocre, with occasional flashes of good service, and equal flashes of terrible service.  But I could never be bothered to switch.  I don’t consider myself lazy, but I could never be bothered to switch to Zain or Viva. […]

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Sabaya Magazine Asked Me for A Message to Bahrain’s Youth. This Was My Three Word Reply.

  Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Suhail Algosaibi is a newonwed fitness expert with a passion for helping others.  Following fitness for a lifestyle, Suhail is founder of DreamBody Centre, which promises to get people in shape within a few minutes every day. He tells us more about his passions, his future plans and more […]

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The Idiocy of Forbes Middle East

“You should change your advert, it has too many words!” the silly lady from Forbes Middle East magazine told us. The nerve!  One of the biggest challenges of being a direct-response marketer is that very few people understand what it is.  In a nutshell, direct-response marketing is salesmanship in print.  It is on the opposite […]

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The Problem with Moderates in Bahrain

  Moderate; “(of a person, party, or policy) not radical or excessively right- or left-wing” The other day I was having dinner with a friend who is a Western diplomat, and as usual when socialising with diplomats in Bahrain (or anybody for that matter), the conversation inevitably turned to the situation in Bahrain. The friend […]

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2.1 Billion People Around The World Overweight or Obese; Bahrain Among The Fattest!

  Last week The Lancent published a comprehensive study on global obesity, which was mentioned in the media all over the world. The study, which was covered the years from 1980 to 2013, revealed that in 1980 857 million were obese, now the figure is 2.1 billion.  Yes, with a “b”!  Yup, 30% of people around the world […]

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Announcing Raqs23! The Most Exciting Dance Class in The Middle East!

  The DreamBody Centre (DBC), Bahrain’s first and only 23-minute weight loss and body transformation centre, is launching the latest dance workout craze; Raqs23! Raqs23! utilizes high and low impact exercises to give you an intense total body workout that will leave you feeling breathless and exhilarated!  While doing the thrilling “raqs” workout (raqs means […]

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Lessons Bahrain Can Learn From Rwanda – in Business!

  I recently read an article about Rwanda that blew my mind. It’s been 20 years since the genocides took place, where nearly one million Rwandans were slaughtered during a three-month period.  As a self-proclaimed reconciliation activist, I’ve had a cursory interest in Rwanda and it’s development after the genocides for a while now.  I’ve […]

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My Grandfather The Superhero

My grandfather passed away recently.  He was 96 years old, God rest his soul. My brother Faris wrote a beautiful article about him, which I’m sharing it with you today, with his permission.  I think it expresses perfectly how all his grandchildren felt about our “opa.” Enter Faris. -Suhail  =================== My grandfather used to spend […]

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