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The Magic of Radical Thinking

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on the importance of thinking differently. I mentioned that THE secret of secrets when it comes to success is to think differently than everyone else. Today I want to share a quote that I came across after I wrote the blog post. It’s from Henry Ford: […]

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Gliding High

We went to visit my aunt in Ginseldorf yesterday. My aunt flies glider planes as a hobby. I went with her for the first time ever. Before take-off I was so excited I decided that I was going to get my own gliding pilot-licence one day. The experience was wonderful, and the free flying experience […]

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Two Videos From My Book Launch

Here are two videos from the launch reception of my new book, The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook. One is from Bahrain TV Channel 55, and the other is from the film crew I had there. Hope you like them! (If you get a message saying the video is no longer available, just trying again later. YouTube […]

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