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In Support of Valentino’s Ghost, A Documentary That Reveals The Truth About Arabs.

  The image Americans have of Arabs is negative.  We already know that, right?  Invariably, the terrorists in the Hollywood movies are Arab and/or Muslim.  This has been going on for decades.  But it’s not just the movies, the American media overall portrays Arabs and Muslims in a negative light. But why is that? This […]

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Who Else Wants To Have The Ultimate Competitive Advantage?

I am convinced – absolutely convinced – that the real strength of any company is it’s people. Regardless of what industry your in, you’ve got a competitive advantage if you have bright, hard-working and motivated people working for you. Here’s what the late Steve Jobs said about having great programmers: “The difference between the best worker on […]

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Eight Days in Kerala

I returned a couple of days ago from my trip to Trivandrum, in Kerala, India.  It was the first time ever I went on holiday on my own – no family and no friends.  I had a great time.  I mostly just relaxed and read.  I read over 1,000 pages while I was there.  I […]

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Congratulations Noora Ali!

Well, it was a good one!  A very competitive group indeed with very good results achieved.  And as with the first DreamBody Competition, we can see a direct correlation between the amount of times attended and the results achieved.  Congratulations Noora Ali!  Noora got fantastic results at the DreamBody Competition.  Noora lost a total of […]

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