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We’re Hiring! Looking for an Awesome Senior Consultant to Join My Team [Position Filled]

Wanted, awesome senior consultant to join Falak Consulting. Below are the details.  Please make sure to read the whole job description, and follow the exact process for application.  Currently, this job is open for Bahraini candidates only.   Senior Consultant – Job Description Profile Job Brief: We are looking for an experienced and qualified Bahraini […]

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Hajj Reflections (And Photos)

    I got back last week from Hajj.  And let me tell you , it was a great trip!  It’s the second time I go, and there was a significant difference compared to last time.  This year I went on behalf of my late father. For one, I went with a luxury hamla (Hajj […]

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7 Months after February 14

A couple of days ago, I asked for other writers to contribute to my blog.  I want to turn my blog into be a voice of moderation among all the online polarisation that is going on in Bahrain.  Well, I got my first contribution, by Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, a frequent reader of this blog.  Thank […]

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The Falak Big Bang 2011!

Last week we had our annual Big Bang.  As usual, we closed shop and had two days where we just focus on learning, fun, and team building (see our 2009 Big Bang here, and our 2010 Big Bang here and here) Sadly, we were a lot less Team Members than in previous years, as Zen-Do […]

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Entrepreneurial Conversations

I had a really fun evening the night before last.  I participated in The Global Entrepreneurship Week Start Up Circuit. I really liked the concept; The Bahrain chapter of Young Arab Leaders, the organisers, brought in different experts and specialists to help budding entrepreneurs start businesses.  Each one of them gave a 10 minute presentation […]

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Announcing Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a global event which focuses on the benefits of entrepreneurship, and helps aspiring entrepreneurs to get ideas, advice and financing.  GEW helps them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Students, educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, non-profit leaders, government officials and many others participated in a range of activities, from […]

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RSS Button Finally Added to My Blog!

I have an embarrassing confession to make.  Ever since I changed to this new blog format a few months ago, I didn’t realise that I did not have a subscribe button.  D’oh! What can I say, I’m not immune from making stupid mistakes 🙂  Anyway, to subscribe via RSS just click the button orange button […]

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The Zen-Do New Year's Morning Workout

There’s a new(ish) tradition at Zen-Do [, the New Year’s morning workout!  You can see last year’s story here.  I’m sorry to say I missed it this year as I had just returned the night before from my US trip.  I arrived New Year’s eve after a 30 hour + trip! The brave attendees were: […]

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