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The Magic of Radical Thinking

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on the importance of thinking differently. I mentioned that THE secret of secrets when it comes to success is to think differently than everyone else. Today I want to share a quote that I came across after I wrote the blog post. It’s from Henry Ford: […]

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The Secret to Olympic Glory Revealed

One of my pet peeves is when people claim that a person’s success is due to luck. “Oh he’s lucky because __________”. My response is usually “chaaaaaab” [Bahraini slang for shut up] I heard someone mention how lucky an Olympic athlete was because he had a Gold medal! Lucky?! Come on! Of course some success, […]

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Two Powerful Lessons My Master Taught Me

I feel privileged and honoured to have trained under a world champion. Master Rafael Nieto had a huge impact in my life. Not only did I learn some powerful martial arts techniques from him, but I also learnt some valuable life lessons. I prepared a short video explaining two lessons that stick out in my […]

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The Olympics!

I’m back! And the Olympics are upon us! Every time they come around I tell myself that this year I’m going to watch more of the events, and invariably I end up watching very little. I don’t know how different it will be this year, because I have a ton of things to finish up […]

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The Secret of Secrets

As many of you know (or not), I’m an avid student of success. In fact, I’m a fanatic student of success. I’ve studied some of the most successful people in the world, and I’ve even had the privilege of meeting some of them. They all have certain characteristics in common. But there is one characteristic […]

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Some Surprising NLP Secrets

I’m a member of an organisation called EO (Entrepreneur Organisation), formerly known as YEO (Young Entrepreneur Organisation) – I guess it’s not called that anymore because a lot of the young entrepreneurs are getting older. Like many ideas, the name sounded good at the time 🙂 Anyway, every year we have a “Big Bang” event. […]

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Why Education is Overrated

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – Albert Einstein Okay, the headline to this blog post is misleading – education is not overrated. But I do think formal education is overrated – way overrated. I’m a fanatic student of human development and success, and one of the things I’ve discovered […]

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