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How To Hire Great People!

This week’s interview is a follow up from last week, where Kevin and I spoke about preparing CV’s.  This week we’ve turned the tables; you’ll hear me talking about how to hire great people. I have to admit, I think this is the messiest Krazy Kevin interview I’ve ever done, because I was really tired […]

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Wealth Secrets!

I just had the time to upload this now.  I came back yesterday from an exhausting 4-day trip to Riyadh.  Anyway, this is the latest Krazy Kevin radio interview.  The topic is wealth secrets.  Hope you like it! [audio:Krazy-Kevin-Interview-26-Wealth-secrets.mp3|titles=Krazy Kevin Interview 26 – Wealth Secrets]

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How To Manage Your Time Effectively

I wrote a pretty good (if I say so myself) blog post on time management last month.  And I decided to use the topic for a Krazy Kevin interview.  It went quite well and he enjoyed it. So, without further ado, the latest Krazy Kevin radio interview, about time management.  Hope you like it. [audio:Krazy-Kevin-Interview-25-Time-Management.mp3]

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The Magical Science of Influence

Welcome to Krazy Kevin radio interview No. 23!  Wow, 23 interviews, can you believe it?  This week’s topic was a discussion of some of the principles of the amazing book, Influence: Science and Practice (5th Edition), by Dr. Robert Cialdini. This book is a must for anyone who is serious about influencing or persuading others.  […]

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How To Improve Your Spirituality

Welcome to Krazy Kevin interview No. 22!  Today’s topic is how to improve your spirituality.  You’ll us hear talking about some spiritual concepts, interspersed by interruptions from Krazy Kevin’s new vuvuzela!  Enjoy! [audio:Krazy-Kevin-Interview-22-How-to-improve-your-spirituality.mp3|titles=Krazy Kevin Interview 22 – how to improve your spirituality]

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The Seven Enemies of Success

Welcome to Krazy Kevin interview number 19!  You’ve heard me talk about various success-oriented topics in the past, but today I’m going to be talking about the seven enemies of success.  Listen as Krazy Kevin asks me about them, and shares his own toilet confessions!  Enjoy: [audio:|titles=Krazy Kevin Interview 19 – The 7 enemies of […]

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The Law of Attraction Explained

Welcome to Krazy Kevin interviews 17 and 18.  The topics are all about the law of attraction, a concept I happened to believe in.  Listen as I explain the law of attraction as I understand it.  Enjoy. [audio:|titles=Krazy Kevin Interview 17 – The law of attraction Part 1 of 2] [audio:|titles=Krazy Kevin Interview 18 – […]

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How To Win Friends And Influence People – Krazy Kevin Interview 16

This is one of the books that had a really big influence on me, and I highly recommend it (here’s a video review I did about it some time ago ).  Krazy Kevin and I discussed it this week’s radio interview.  Hope you like it!  Talk to you soon.  

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