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My 2010 Workout Chart

I thought I you might find this interesting.  The chart above shows the number of hours I trained per week in 2010.  There are few noteworthy points to share about the chart, and my workout philosophy in general: Only trained more than 4 hours once You’ll notice that I only exceeded the 4-hour mark once.  […]

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How NOT To Be a Fat Woman

I’m sure you must of heard about this in the newspapers.  Bahrain now has the fattest women in the world, how sad is that??  Here’s a press release I wrote on the topic: Fitness Expert Declares War on Women’s Obesity A local fitness expert has declared war on the women’s obesity crisis in Bahrain.  He […]

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Why That Woman Will Never Lose Weight

I’m here in good old Rochester, Minnesota.  I’m staying at the surprisingly excellent Double Tree hotel.  A four star hotel that has very good rooms, decent food, great service, and very important for me, a decent gym.  I’ve been going to the gym nearly every morning.  Due to the 9-hour-difference-induced jet lag, I’m usually up […]

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Who Else Wants to Have A Pain-Free And Healthy Spine?

Secretive Italian Yoga, Pilates and Posture Expert Reveals Insider Secrets to A Healthy Spine and Positive Posture! Dear friend, Do you suffer from back ache and/or posture problems?  If so then you should definitely attend this exclusive workshop.  This unique workshop will be conducted by Roberta Trzebinski, a six-language-speaking Pilates and Yoga expert. The focus […]

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Sugar Musings from Minnesota

Strange.  Though I’m not keeping count, I’d guess that half the ads here on TV are for medicine.  It’s ironic. I’m here in the Mayo Clinic visiting my father.  We’ve been waiting now for almost two days to see a certain specialist.  My mother’s here is well.  We pass the time by conversing, hanging out, […]

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Why This 50 Year Old Father Loves Zen-Do

I always tell people “if you can walk, then you can learn Zen-Do kickboxing.”  There’s no age limit.  At Zen-Do Bahrain we teach people from as young as three years old to… well there is no upper age limit.  If you can still walk, then you can learn it. Here’s what Salah AlRafeia says about […]

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How the DreamBody Centre Helped This British Expat Lose 10 kg, 5.5 Inches Of Fat From Her Waist And Relieved Her of Her Inhaler!

Last week I shared the story of David Urwin with you.  David lost 13.2 kg and 7 inches of fat from his waist at the DreamBody Centre.  If you recall, he mentioned his wife, who also got great results with us. Well, this is the story of David’s wife Julie.  Julie Urwin lost 10 kg […]

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