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Suhail Algosaibi Exposed!

The Bahrain chapter of Entrepreneur Organisation (EO), has an excellent Communication Chair, who is none other than my friend and Bahrain’s “Blogfather” Mahmood. Twice a month, Mahmood sends out an “expose” about one of our members.  It was my turn recently, and I thought I’d share what he “exposed” about me.  Here goes: – New […]

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حلم عن غازي

دخلت الحجرة، ورأيته من الخلف، جالساً على كرسيه، يقرأ. ذهبت إليه والشوق يحرق كياني! عانقته بحرارة، وقبلّت خديه و رأسه، وقلت له “الله يحفظك و يطّول في عمرك!” نظر إليىّ و ابتسم إبتسامةً جميلة… رقيقة… إستيقظت من النوم، و بكيت… و بكيت… و بكيت ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ يسألني الكثير”هل أنت مثل غازي؟” والإجابة الصريحة أني لست مثل […]

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Update: Zen-Do to be closed.

I thought I’d share a quick update with you.  Sadly Zen-Do will be closed… I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago announcing that Zen-Do is for sale – assuming a buyer would be found.  I have offered my Black Belts the chance to buy Zen-Do, but unfortunately none of them could commit […]

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Why I'm Selling Zen-Do

For those of you who’ve been following me for some time, this will come as quite a shock.  I have to tell you, it took me a long time to make piece with this decision, I did not make it lightly.  Let me share the letter I gave to all our students: ——— Dear parents […]

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My 2010 Workout Chart

I thought I you might find this interesting.  The chart above shows the number of hours I trained per week in 2010.  There are few noteworthy points to share about the chart, and my workout philosophy in general: Only trained more than 4 hours once You’ll notice that I only exceeded the 4-hour mark once.  […]

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Five Reasons I Admire DJ Krazy Kevin

I’m writing this as Kevin has his last show on the air in Bahrain.  He’s off to Australia tonight for good!  Having got to know Krazy Kevin Howarth fairly well in the last year or so, I thought I’d share the 5 reasons why I admire him.  Here goes: 1) Down to earth: I have […]

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