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The Idiocy of Forbes Middle East

“You should change your advert, it has too many words!” the silly lady from Forbes Middle East magazine told us. The nerve!  One of the biggest challenges of being a direct-response marketer is that very few people understand what it is.  In a nutshell, direct-response marketing is salesmanship in print.  It is on the opposite […]

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Who Else Wants To Have The Ultimate Competitive Advantage?

I am convinced – absolutely convinced – that the real strength of any company is it’s people. Regardless of what industry your in, you’ve got a competitive advantage if you have bright, hard-working and motivated people working for you. Here’s what the late Steve Jobs said about having great programmers: “The difference between the best worker on […]

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Seven Little-Known Advertising Secrets.

1) Know that advertising and marketing are different: It’s true, the two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Marketing is much broader and encompasses all the activities you do to attract and retain customers. Advertising is usually specific to a medium and in most cases is paid for. You need […]

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Lead Generation Secrets

For the first time in quite a while, I’m writing a marketing article, and a very specialised one at that.  This will probably interest only the very serious students of marketing.  Ready? Here goes… Marketing should never be haphazard.  All your marketing efforts should be as defined and as targeted as possible.  Each advert you […]

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Entrepreneurial Conversations

I had a really fun evening the night before last.  I participated in The Global Entrepreneurship Week Start Up Circuit. I really liked the concept; The Bahrain chapter of Young Arab Leaders, the organisers, brought in different experts and specialists to help budding entrepreneurs start businesses.  Each one of them gave a 10 minute presentation […]

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The Missing Puzzle Piece To Any Advertisement

Welcome to another blog post in the series of how to create effective adverts.  This is what we’ve covered so far: 1) The importance of direct response advertising (how to commit small marketing suicide) 2) How to write advertising headlines that can make you rich. 3) How to pointlessly burn your advertising money. 4) The […]

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