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Getting a Call From The Central Bank of Bahrain (Because I Unknowingly Broke the Law!)

If you’re on my (physical) mailing list, you’ll have received a Eid card from me, with some fake cash to used as a discount at either Zen-Do or the DreamBody Centre (DBC), worth BD 80.  The idea was to send you a “Eidiya” (tradition of giving cash during Eid) from me! Quite an original concept […]

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Formerly Depressed DreamBody Centre Member Loses 14 kg, Goes Down Two Pant Sizes and Changes His Body Shape Dramatically

This is an interesting testimonial from Nawaf Al-Sayed.  Nawaf was one of those people who “tried everything to lose weight.”  Nothing worked until he joined the DreamBody Centre.  He lost 14 kg and is a much happier person.  Check out his story here: Dear Suhail, To tell you the truth I was  very hesitant when […]

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How the DreamBody Centre Helped This British Expat Lose 10 kg, 5.5 Inches Of Fat From Her Waist And Relieved Her of Her Inhaler!

Last week I shared the story of David Urwin with you.  David lost 13.2 kg and 7 inches of fat from his waist at the DreamBody Centre.  If you recall, he mentioned his wife, who also got great results with us. Well, this is the story of David’s wife Julie.  Julie Urwin lost 10 kg […]

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How This 18-Day Old Infant Can Transform Your Life Forever!

I hope the New Year is treating you FANTASTICALLY so far.  Listen, how would you like to lose weight, get fit and learn valuable self-defence skills for 2009?  And how would you like to do that for a whole year FREE?! Well, on the occasion of Tameem’s birth, I’m doing a crazy, once-in-a-life-time offer that […]

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