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Two Videos That Demonstrate That Corporate and Community Happiness are Important for Every Company to Pursue

  I think it was Sigmund Freud who said that, ultimately all humans are motivated either by the desire to gain pleasure, or avoid pain.  In other words, we are all motivated by the desire to be happy.  One could argue that it’s all about happiness.  Why do people want more money? Or fame, or […]

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Behind The Scenes at the Falak Executive Retreat

As mentioned in a previous post, we recently concluded the annual Falak executive retreat.  Below the video that shows some of the highlights.  You’ll notice us talking about creating Falak Consulting’s new charity initiative, which will be launched officially next year.  We decided to put BD 100 (USD 265) aside from every assignment into a special […]

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The Thirteen Elements for Creating Outstanding Team Spirit

We recently conducted a very productive – not to mention extremely fun – annual executive retreat.  It combined the key Team Members from Falak Consulting, and Falak Enterprises (the company that owns the DreamBody Centre brand). We strategised, brainstormed, and argued –  in addition to playing games and doing some fun bonding exercises.  In one […]

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2.1 Billion People Around The World Overweight or Obese; Bahrain Among The Fattest!

  Last week The Lancent published a comprehensive study on global obesity, which was mentioned in the media all over the world. The study, which was covered the years from 1980 to 2013, revealed that in 1980 857 million were obese, now the figure is 2.1 billion.  Yes, with a “b”!  Yup, 30% of people around the world […]

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Announcing Raqs23! The Most Exciting Dance Class in The Middle East!

  The DreamBody Centre (DBC), Bahrain’s first and only 23-minute weight loss and body transformation centre, is launching the latest dance workout craze; Raqs23! Raqs23! utilizes high and low impact exercises to give you an intense total body workout that will leave you feeling breathless and exhilarated!  While doing the thrilling “raqs” workout (raqs means […]

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Lose 15 Kg in Just 12 Weeks!

  Introducing Suhail’s Extreme Weight Loss Programme – Guaranteed! Dear friend, How would you like to lose up to 15 Kg guaranteed? Yes, you heard that correctly.  I will guarantee results, or your money back. For the first time ever, I’m creating a 12-week intensive weight loss programme.  This limited, exclusive and unique program will be […]

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