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Gliding High

We went to visit my aunt in Ginseldorf yesterday. My aunt flies glider planes as a hobby. I went with her for the first time ever. Before take-off I was so excited I decided that I was going to get my own gliding pilot-licence one day. The experience was wonderful, and the free flying experience […]

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Why I Love Germany

Some people think I’m weird. They ask me “Suhail, why Germany?”. Even some Germans ask me that questions. Most GCC Arabs like to go to the South of France or Spain. Or even London, where they understand the language, but few people go to Germany. When they ask me where I stay in Germany I […]

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Me in a German Circus!

Here’s some news from Germany. The other day my wife, my mother, my cousin Anna and I, took Selma and Laith to a circus. Zirkus Bromach was the name I think. It was one of these -really, really- small, family circuses. The performers were also the people who sold the overpriced popcorn, who were also […]

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The Secret of Secrets

As many of you know (or not), I’m an avid student of success. In fact, I’m a fanatic student of success. I’ve studied some of the most successful people in the world, and I’ve even had the privilege of meeting some of them. They all have certain characteristics in common. But there is one characteristic […]

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Two Videos From My Book Launch

Here are two videos from the launch reception of my new book, The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook. One is from Bahrain TV Channel 55, and the other is from the film crew I had there. Hope you like them! (If you get a message saying the video is no longer available, just trying again later. YouTube […]

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I was reading through a copy of Gulf Weekly when I came across an article about a group of young entrepreneurs who’ve started a DVD delivery service. Checkout I love it! The concept sounds great and I just signed up. I have no idea if it will work or if they will last (remember […]

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Farewell Teri!

Yesterday we had a small farewell do at Zen-Do. It was Sensei Teri Haggerty’s last day working at Zen-Do. Teri is taking some time off from work before moving back to the UK with her parents. I want to wish you all the best Teri, and good riddance… oops, I mean good luck 🙂 (I […]

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I'm in Love – Don't Tell My Wife!

Okay, just kidding! Let me get right to the point before nasty rumours start spreading. I’m delighted to announce that we’re pregnant! Technically, only she’s pregnant, but I say “we” to be a supportive husband 🙂 And I’m already falling in love with the new baby. My wife and I took the kids to see […]

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Some Surprising NLP Secrets

I’m a member of an organisation called EO (Entrepreneur Organisation), formerly known as YEO (Young Entrepreneur Organisation) – I guess it’s not called that anymore because a lot of the young entrepreneurs are getting older. Like many ideas, the name sounded good at the time 🙂 Anyway, every year we have a “Big Bang” event. […]

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Why Education is Overrated

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – Albert Einstein Okay, the headline to this blog post is misleading – education is not overrated. But I do think formal education is overrated – way overrated. I’m a fanatic student of human development and success, and one of the things I’ve discovered […]

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A Strange Thing…

I had a book signing at Jashanmal’s in Seef Mall this weekend. It was for my new book, The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook. As I was sitting there waiting to autograph some books a guy approached me. Very nice guy. He shook my hand and congratulated me on the book and on my success, and he […]

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Book Launch Photos…

I’m proud to announce that we finally had the launch reception for my new book, The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook, How to Defend Yourself in Bahrain and Abroad. The reception took place at Zen-Do last Thursday the 12th of June. About 100 people came to the event and some people even came all the way from […]

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I'm Excited About My Book!

I can’t wait for my book launch! For more information about my book, click here to see my video presentation! The book is very unique. You’ll discover the little known secrets of street self-defence that could just save your life one day. The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook is your indispensable guide on how to prevent attacks, […]

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