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Suhail Algosaibi Exposed!

The Bahrain chapter of Entrepreneur Organisation (EO), has an excellent Communication Chair, who is none other than my friend and Bahrain’s “Blogfather” Mahmood. Twice a month, Mahmood sends out an “expose” about one of our members.  It was my turn recently, and I thought I’d share what he “exposed” about me.  Here goes: – New […]

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Moderate Writers Wanted for my Blog!

With all the hats I’m wearing, I hardly have time to blog once a week.  If I’m lucky, twice a week, and on very rare occasions three times. Anyway, I had an idea.  I’d like to invite others to write on my blog.  I would like my blog to be a voice of moderation among […]

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Introducing The Leadership Bridge Programme!

I’m very proud to be a member of Young Arab Leaders (YAL).  YAL is really committed to helping young Arabs grow and prosper in their careers.  We’ve been holding various events for years now, and I’m proud to announce the upcoming Leadership Bridge Programme. The Leadership Bridge Program (LBP) is an intensive and interactive three-day […]

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DBC TV Commercial Bloopers!

A few weeks ago we filmed our first ever DreamBody Centre TV commercial.  This was done with the fantastic people at Elements Productions (incidentally, co-owner Saleh Nass was the creator the famous #UniteBh video)  The commercial will air either at the end of this year, or the start of 2012, depending on how smoothly the […]

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حلم عن غازي

دخلت الحجرة، ورأيته من الخلف، جالساً على كرسيه، يقرأ. ذهبت إليه والشوق يحرق كياني! عانقته بحرارة، وقبلّت خديه و رأسه، وقلت له “الله يحفظك و يطّول في عمرك!” نظر إليىّ و ابتسم إبتسامةً جميلة… رقيقة… إستيقظت من النوم، و بكيت… و بكيت… و بكيت ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ يسألني الكثير”هل أنت مثل غازي؟” والإجابة الصريحة أني لست مثل […]

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DreamBody Centre Moving to Bahrain Mall

This news item will be good news for most of our readers, but maybe disappointing for others. Let me explain…. You know, we’ve been wanting to open a DreamBody Centre (DBC) in, or near Manama for a very long time, and we’ve had people requesting it for ages.  But we’ve never found a good location.  […]

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Shame on You Robert Fisk!

Robert Fisk, journalist extraordinaire and truth seeker wrote a scathing article about Bahrain yesterday, prompting the Bahrain government to announce that it would sue his employer, the Independent. I admit I don’t know much about Robert, but what I do know is that he is a renowned journalist and a man of very high standing […]

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The Falak Big Bang 2011!

Last week we had our annual Big Bang.  As usual, we closed shop and had two days where we just focus on learning, fun, and team building (see our 2009 Big Bang here, and our 2010 Big Bang here and here) Sadly, we were a lot less Team Members than in previous years, as Zen-Do […]

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