NO to Terrorism, and NO to Iranian Interference!

The blast site in Sitra.  Photo course Reuters.

The blast site in Sitra. Photo course Reuters.

Two policemen were killed in a bomb blast today, by terrorists allegedly backed by Iran. God bless their souls. This comes just days after Bahrain recalled it’s ambassador to Tehran over inappropriate comments made by Ayatollah Khamenei over Bahrain, and two men being arrested on a vessel carrying weapons and bombs into Bahrain, allegedly from Iran.

I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories, and would rather we put our time and energy into internal reform and reconciliation. And I most certainly do not agree with those in Bahrain who blame all our problems on Iran.  But even the most moderate and open-minded person cannot deny Iran’s meddling when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says that the nuclear deal with not alter its support of  “oppressed people” in Yemen and Bahrain.

When will Iran realise that they should not meddle in Arab affairs?  When will Iran realise that they are not responsible for, or in charge of Bahrain’s shia population?  Bahrain and is an independent state and does not require Iran – or anyone else for that matter – to speak on behalf of all, or part of it’s population – thank you very much!

This continued interference in Bahrain – and the Middle East’s – affairs is a big contributor to the region’s sectarian tensions. If we all minded our own business, and focused on improving things internally, while upholding good neighbourly behaviour, we’d all be so much better off.

Why not focus on trade and cultural exchange instead of the differences in our ideologies?  The GCC/Iran area would form an impressive economic powerhouse if we just focused on cooperation instead of on our differences.

I pray that this will come true one day, and that Iran realises the folly in meddling in other countries’ affairs.  In the meantime, Iran stay out!

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