How This 44-Year Old Man Lost 12 Kg In Just a Few Weeks


Ilyas lost 12 Kg at the DreamBody Centre.

Ilyas lost 12 Kg at the DreamBody Centre.

Like most people when I first signed up for the Dream Body Center (DBC) in December 2014, I was skeptical about how it could help me reduce weight. I had seen the ‘before and after’ advertisements since arriving in Bahrain some years earlier but always had doubts about its authenticity. Ironically, I remember driving past the DBC in Hamala (where I live) everyday promising myself that I would book a trial session.

Ironically, it was only when DBC moved to Bahrain Mall that I finally got round to booking an assessment. Only months earlier I had been for a medical check and the one concern that the results had identified was that I needed to lose weight. At 68kg I was overweight for my height / age ratio and looking back it was apparent in my appearance that I was carrying extra pounds.

The first thing that impressed me about DBC was the friendliness of the staff and the relaxed environment. After my first session I was hooked on the concept of being able to have a comprehensive work-out in only 23mins. I went from three sessions per week to two per day during the height of the competition held in January; the first three best attendees being awarded prizes. Within the first 3 weeks I knew that the programme was going to work for me. The health and eating guidelines provided by DBC and written by Alia Almoayed helped me to change my eating and lifestyle habits.

After the first month I lost more than 5kg and after two months people started to complement me on how I was looking slimmer and fitter. After only four months, people were shocked, amazed and astonished as I had lost over 10kg. Everyone wanted to know the secret recipe and I recommended DBC to all my friends and family.

In total I lost just over 12kg, improved my diet by making better ‘choices’ and virtually removing all refined sugars from my daily intake. My example soon began to have an effect on my family as my four children began to embrace healthy options and we also removed all fizzy/sugar drinks from our home. We only drink water and this has aided in improving focus for their studies.

For me the DBC has become a part of my life and I still attend at least four to five times a week; when I am travelling I take the exercise and diet programme with me. I feel fitter and healthier than when I was in my twenties (I am over forty now!) and would recommend the DBC to anyone who is willing to change bad eating habits and exercise for 23mins at least three times a week. The program really works and can change your life forever; I know it has changed mine.


‘The secret formula is simple –

ghd + dbc + (c + d) = Success

good healthy diet + DBC + commitment & dedication = Success

– Ilyas Degia aged 44

A Message from Suhail

Thanks to Ilyas for the wonderful testimonial, and congrats on the great results!  You can see a video interview with him here.

If you’re looking for place to lose weight, improve your health, fitness and look and feel better than you have in years, then give the DreamBody Centre call on 17 582 982 for your FREE trial and assessment.

Whether you need to lose 3 kg or 30 kg, we’ll develop a customised weight loss programme just for you.  When you come in for your free assessment we’ll measure your height and weight, and using our proprietary system we’ll tell you exactly how many inches of fat you need to lose to reach normal weight.

In fact, we’ll guarantee that you’ll lose these inches, or we’ll give you your money back.  I’m dead serious when I say this.  We are the only place in the Kingdom (and probably the world) that offers you money back guarantees.  You’ll achieve the guaranteed results by training on our unique 23-minute, easy-to-use hydraulic circuit.   But we won’t stop there.  We’ll also give you a weight loss guide, delicious recipes, and keep you motivated and excited.  Losing weight and getting in shape has never been this easy and fun!

Thanks for taking the time to read this my friend, and talk soon.


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