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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know I’m an early riser and big believer in morning exercise.  But I don’t think I’ve ever published any details of the type of workouts I do.  You’ve probably heard me say this before, a good exercise programme should consist of resistance training and cardio training.  I know there are many differing opinions on this, but I still believe having a good mix of both is important.

Having said that, if your focus is more on building muscle and looking good, then you should focus more on resistance training.  If your aim is to increase your fitness, then focus more on doing cardio.  It would be a waste of time for a long distance runner to spend any time in the gym lifting weights .  It will not get him closer to his goals.  Conversely, a body builder should not spend many hours a week running, as this will not help build his muscles at all.  In fact, long distance running can end up burning muscle, giving you that thin marathon runner look.

For the rest of us, who want to look good and gain some fitness, a good mix of resistance and cardio is called for.

Here’s what I do these days:

1) Once a week upper body resistance training.

2) Once a week lower body training.

3) Once a week full body interval training (23 minutes long).

4) All other days either 20 minutes of walking or a few rounds of rope skipping.  The bare minimum is always a 20-minute walk.

When I say “once a week”, I mean once in a calendar week.  So it might be anywhere from 7 days to 13 days until I hit the same muscle group again.  I usually wake up around 5 am and train in the gym in the family-owned compound where I live. I find that if I don’t train early in the morning, it is very unlikely that I will do it later in the day due to my busy schedule.

Upper Body Routine:

– Push ups: 1 set to max.

– Hindu push ups: 1 set to max.

– Dumbbell incline bench press: 2 x 8-12

– Incline dumbbell fly: 2 x 8-12

– Cable crossover: 2 x 8-12

– One-arm row: 2 x 8-12

– Seated bent over row: 2 x 8-12

– Cable standing close row: 2 x 8-12

– Dumbbell lateral raise: 2 x 8-12

– Angled prone curl: 2 x 8-12

– Cable bicep curl: 2 x 8-12

– Bench dip: 2 x 8-12

– Cable triceps overhead extension: 2 x 8-12

– Abdominal reverse curl: 3 sets of 40,30 and 20 reps each.

Lower Body Routine:

Here I just do four exercises, but boy are they intense!

– Back squat: 2-3 x 8-12

– Assisted dumbbell lunge: 2 x 8-12

– Dumbbell lunge: 2 x 8-12

– Barbell deadlift: 2 x 8-12

Full Body Interval training:

This consists of 30 seconds of rope-skipping, followed by 30 seconds of a calisthenic (body weight) exercise, followed by 30 seconds of kettlebell swings and then a 30-second rest.  Here’s the entire routine:

  • Skip (30 seconds)
  • Hindu Push Ups (30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell (30 seconds)
  • Rest (30 seconds)
  • Skip (30 seconds)
  • Burpees (30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell (20 seconds)
  • Rest (30 seconds)
  • Skip (30 seconds)
  • Inch Worm (30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell (30 seconds)
  • Rest (30 seconds)
  • Skip (30 seconds)
  • Squats (30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell (30 seconds)
  • Rest (30 seconds)
  • Skip (30 seconds)
  • Lunge Jumps (30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell (30 seconds)
  • Rest (30 seconds)
  • Skip (30 seconds)
  • Variable Plank (30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell (30 seconds)


For the upper and lower body workout routines I use an app called Full Fitness, and for the interval training I use the Seconds app. I’m quite happy with both of these.  I would say that my exercise routine is intermediate to advanced for most people.  For serious body builders or athletes it would be considered beginner, but I’m happy with it.  I’ll probably update it in a month or so.

Hope you found that useful.

Talk soon.

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