Three Ways to Starve Your Fat Cells in 2014


Want to lose that belly? Want to know the ultimate fat loss secret? Are you sure you can handle it? Yes? Then read on my friend:

1) Don’t fall into the cardio-only trap:

This step implies that you know that exercise is necessary. If you’re not willing to work out, then stop reading right now, grab a Coke and a bag of chips, and give in to despair and hopelessness. Otherwise, make sure that you don’t make the mistake far too many people are making, which is lots of cardio and virtually no resistance training. Cardio is great, but it won’t help you burn the fat if you’re not doing the resistance training too.

Resistance training helps you build muscle, and the more muscle you have, the more calories they need to sustain themselves. So cardio alone has some benefit, and resistance alone has some benefit, but the combination of the two is what really makes a difference.

Even better is when you combine resistance and cardio in one intense workout. This is done through circuit or interval training, where you do a mix of high and low resistance and cardio training in one session. A circuit training session can be anything from just 10 minutes to 45 minutes long.

2) Eat carbs, but severely limit starches:

Look, you’re not meant to live life without carbs, that’s not healthy at all. Also, not all carbs are created equal. To maximise weight loss, limit the amount of starches; things like potatoes, pasta, bread, cereals, and rice.

At the very least, don’t have them for dinner. Substitute with a salad of green leafy vegetables, you can add chickpeas and beans and pulses. Personally, I avoid all starches for dinner at least 5 days a week. Not easy you say? Well when was anything worth achieving easy? Besides, what’s the alternative? Being overweight forever?

3) Remove dairy from your diet:

A few years ago I went to a family wedding, and I saw a cousin I hadn’t seen in a long time, and he looked liked he had lost half his weight! He was overweight all his life, and now he actually looked thin!

I couldn’t believe it, when I asked him what he had done to lose all the weight he said that all he did was cut out dairy. “I read somewhere that dairy was bad for you so I just stopped consuming it, and all the weight came off.” I’m guessing he must have lost 30 to 40 Kg.

Dairy is a very sensitive topic for many people, we’ve all grown up believing that it’s good for us, even vital. But let’s try to look at this as objectively as possible; firstly, humans don’t need milk after the age of two. Once we’re weaned we can survive and thrive without milk. Second, cow’s milk is meant to be for calves, it has addictive substances called opiates, which are defined as “relating to, resembling, or containing opium.” These make the calf follow the mother around, and prevents wandering off. That’s why cheese and other dairy products can be so addictive, and that’s why they are so hard to give up. But at the risk of sounding like a broken record [remember those?], you can’t reach your goals without making some sacrifices. That’s the way the world works my friend.

I know I know, what about calcium? You can get plenty of calcium from eating lots of green leafy vegetables. Besides, there’s some research that suggests that consuming dairy lowers calcium!

I stopped consuming dairy at least a decade ago, and I don’t suffer from low calcium levels. A great alternative to milk is almond milk, see the recipe here.

I hope you found this useful. If you’re in Bahrain, and need to lose some weight, you might want to consider swinging by the DreamBody Centre for a 7-day free trial.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and talk to you soon.

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