Attention Entrepreneurs: Why (and How) People Buy.


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If you’re a business owner who’s gone to business school (or done a basic marketing or sales course), you’ve heard of the difference between “wants” and “needs.” We might need food, but we want a Bic Mac.

I’d say that vast majority of purchases are based on wants, but we often think they are based on need. So you needed a phone, but did you really need the latest and flashiest smart phone?

You see here’s a big marketing secret; people buy on emotions, and justify with logic. Haleema justified her purchase of the latest iPhone by telling herself that she really needed it.

So why am I telling you this? When marketing and selling your product or service, focus on the emotional benefits the buyer will get. Tell them how good they’ll feel once they bought it. You can use emotions like pride, joy,confidence and arousal. You can even focus on negative emotions like anger, resentment and even revenge.

In some of the marketing material I’ve created for the DreamBody Centre  I’ve even used envy; “Make your friends green with envy! They’ll be dying to find out what your secret weapon is that helped you transform your body. They’ll never believe you when you tell them is takes just 23 minutes, 3 times per week!”

And by the way, this even works with products that are supposedly mundane and boring. Don’t believe me? Just ask the guys at Blendec, who use humour and fun to sell blenders.

Not convinced yet? Well, can you imagine anything more boring that industrial fans? Me neither, but there is a company in Kentucky in the US who call themselves Big Ass Fans. Is that cool or what?

They pride themselves on the technical superiority of their fans, but they also play on emotions, and they make sure their buyers feel intelligent for buying from them.

One last example. What image comes to mind when you think of a used car salesman? Not a positive one, right? Well, check out Canada’s “Huggable Car Dealer.” (They work out of their “Hug Quarters”).

Don’t be afraid to take a giant leap outside of your comfort zone, and change the way you market and present yourself. Be emotional!



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