Bombs in Bahrain!

So here we are, slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss. Two men dead and one seriously injured due to five home made bombs exploding in Manama today.

The extremists are having a field day, and the rest of us cry.

Today’s events will likely lead to further crackdowns and more restrictions, which will lead to further street violence and more bombings. Over time the bombs will become more powerful and sophisticated. Eventually the bombs will be placed in cars of government officials and other high profile people.

They’ll also be bombings in malls and other busy places. This will lead to ever tougher government responses, and the downward spiral into the abyss will continue, until a few decades from now, people will realise that the only way out is by having direct talks, and by making compromises.

Or not…

Maybe a few wise men can prevent this from happening.

I pray for wise men to seize the day.

Pray with me. Pray for Bahrain.

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