Introducing The Leadership Bridge Programme!

I’m very proud to be a member of Young Arab Leaders (YAL).  YAL is really committed to helping young Arabs grow and prosper in their careers.  We’ve been holding various events for years now, and I’m proud to announce the upcoming Leadership Bridge Programme.

The Leadership Bridge Program (LBP) is an intensive and interactive three-day program to be held in October, which aims to hone youth leadership skills among high-potential leaders. Each session has been designed to be challenging, unique, highly-engaging and fun. Content will focus on leadership, teambuilding, and creative thinking. The program emphasizes ethical leadership through positive social action, and offers participants the opportunity to apply their theoretical learning through ‘social action projects’. The program is jointly organized by Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Bahrain chapter, and 3BL’Triple Bottom Line’ Associates; a Bahrain-based social impact consultancy.  I will be speaking on Day Two of the event about the 7 Habits.


The LBP is open to all Bahraini students in either 11th or 12th grade with a minimum GPA of 80 percent or a ‘B’ average. The LBP will accept a total of around 50 female and male students from both private and public schools. All participants must speak English.

For more information visit the LBP website here!  Remember to tell all the 11th and 12th graders you know!

Talk to you soon!

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