My Radio Interview; Weight Loss in Minutes

Last week I was interviewed by the online radio programme Dare to Be Healthy, hosted by none other than Alia Almoyaed – my wife. The topic was weight loss in minutes, where I spoke about the concept of the DreamBody Centre.

Unfortunately, the call took place on Tuesday the 14th of February (it was planned weeks ahead) the day the protests in Bahrain started.  If you recall, the internet was super slow that day, and the sound quality was not that good.  Also, we got cut off once or twice, and some bits of the call were not recorded.  Having said that, I still think you’ll find a lot of value in the information contained.

For more information about this weekly radio show click here.  Enjoy!

[audio:Weight-Loss-in-Minutes.mp3|titles= Dare to be healthy – weight loss in minutes]
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