Five Reasons I Admire DJ Krazy Kevin

With radio DJ "Krazy" Kevin Howarth.

I’m writing this as Kevin has his last show on the air in Bahrain.  He’s off to Australia tonight for good!  Having got to know Krazy Kevin Howarth fairly well in the last year or so, I thought I’d share the 5 reasons why I admire him.  Here goes:

1) Down to earth:

I have to say, with all the fame he’s achieved here in Bahrain, he’s just a regular guy and has not let his fame get to his head.    He’s always smiling, always friendly and willing to help.

2) Cares about the country:

He’s an expatriate that has come to love the country and genuinely cares about it.  He’s even learnt a bit of Arabic.  He’s become an integral part of the country.

3) Charity work:

He’s leant his name and persona to many noteworthy causes, year in, year out.

4) Genuinely nice guy:

You know, he’s nice almost to the point of naivety.  Every time I got together with him I’d be re-surprised by how nice he is.  He has a “white heart” as we say in Arabic.

5) He dared to be different:

I like a man who doesn’t conform, and he certainly did not.  Apparently he never wears matching socks!  In an email he sent me today he wrote “keep happy safe and different..!!”  I love it.

Kevin and I did a great series on interviews during the year, which you can see here.   You’ll be missed my friend!  Have a wonderful life Down Under and remember us here in Bahrain!

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  1. Osman Safdar 13 January 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    What I like and admire about DJ Krazy Kevin is the way he treats people. I happened to meet him one day, by chance, and he treated me like he knew me since ages! As you said, a genuinely nice guy.

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