Bahraini Mother CEO for a Day!

Shaima with me just after attending my weekly management meeting

Just a quick note, as I forgot to post this last week.  Shaima Al-Ansari spent a day with me last week.  Here’s the press release I sent out:

A Bahraini lady has received a one-day “CEO for a day” mentorship training from one of Bahrain’s most well-known entrepreneurs.  Shaima Al-Ansari, spent a whole day with Falak Enterprises Founder and CEO Suhail Algosaibi, as part of the Young Arab Leaders “CEO for a day” mentorship programme.
“I have learnt so much today!” said Mrs. Al-Ansari, the mother of an eight year old girl.  “I especially enjoyed learning about company cultures, and about the different marketing technique employed by Mr. Algosaibi.”  “Shaima started the day with us at 8:00 am, and stayed until 2:00 pm.  She joined me in my management meeting, and I also coached her in such areas as general management, marketing, organisational cultures, and entrepreneurship.  She asked me some great questions, and I really enjoyed having her visit with us,” said Mr. Algosaibi.  “We also gave her tours of our two divisions, which are the Zen-Do Bahrain Kickboxing Club and the DreamBody Centre,” added Mr. Algosaibi.
Mr. Algosaibi is a member of Young Arab Leaders (YAL), an independent, non-profit organisation concerned with developing the Arab youth, especially in the fields of education and entrepreneurship.  The “CEO for a day” event is one of YAL Bahrain’s initiatives to help educate, promote and coach young Bahrainis.

I have to admit, I love the mentoring and coaching side of what I do.  Shaima asked some great questions and I think she learnt a lot.  To be coached/mentored by me visit

Talk soon.

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