Meeting Dr. Naif, The Indomitable Creator of "The 99" Super Heroes

Meeting with Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa

Yesterday concluded Global Entrepreneurship Week here in Bahrain, which has been running since Sunday.  The Key note speaker was Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of The 99 comic book series.  The world’s first comic inspired by Islam.

He gave a great talk about his experience in creating the concept, and the mistakes he made along the way.  The talk was very entertaining, and quite informative. The 99, and Dr. Naif have received quite a lot of international fame – and notoriety –
over the last few years.

I really enjoyed listening to him, and at the Q&A session in the end I asked him most of the questions.  I found him and nice and approachable person.  It’s great to see a young Arab be so successful.  I think he’ll go very far, God willing.

Here’s a video presentation he did for TED last year.


Talk to you soon.

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