The Missing Puzzle Piece To Any Advertisement

Welcome to another blog post in the series of how to create effective adverts.  This is what we’ve covered so far:

1) The importance of direct response advertising (how to commit small marketing suicide)

2) How to write advertising headlines that can make you rich.

3) How to pointlessly burn your advertising money.

4) The phenomenal power of copy writing. How to write proper advertising copy.

5) Millionaire secrets to creating killer advertising photos.

You know, sometimes the most profound secrets can sound very mundane when you first hear them.  It takes a while for the grand wisdom to sink in – if it does at all.

Today’s secret might sound a bit mundane at first, but trust me it is VITAL to making your adverts successful, and increasing your bottom line.  Ready?

Remember that your advert will be competing against lots of other adverts, as well as interesting articles in the publication, and possibly a baby crying in the back ground, and all kinds of other distractions.  So if you’re lucky enough to have grabbed his attention with a good headline, and even luckier to have had him read all of the advert, you’ve now got to compel him to take action.

He’s got to waddle off the sofa/couch/kitchen table/desk and buy from you.  How do you do that?  Two ways: first, make him an offer!  Make it as generous as you can afford.  Here are a couple of ideas:

– X% discount voucher in your advert
– A “dollar amount” discount.  Eg, $10.00 or BD 5.000 discount voucher in the advert.
– FREE gift with every purchase above a certain amount.
– FREE trial period / “try before you buy”

You’re limited only to your imagination. Get my point?  You have to offer them something before you expect them to show up at your door step.  Make them an offer and the response rate will go up.

The second way to make your reader take action is to tell him what to do.  Never assume that your customer or prospect knows what they should do, tell them!  Your advert could say “call us now on XXXX”, or “visit us at _______ today”.  Yes, it sounds silly but please don’t skip this part.

There’s a saying in the field of direct selling which says something to the effect of “timid sales people have skinny children.”  Meaning that sales people who do not ask for the sale (which is the most important part of face-to-face selling) don’t earn enough commission to feed their kids.  The great sales people are the ones who ask for the sale.  And so should you, tell your advert reader to take action.  Ask for the sale.

Other important stuff
To further increase the likelihood of a response, add other pertinent information to your advert.  Thing like opening hours, location, telephone number, website, email etc.  It shocks me how many ads skip this bit.  It’s insane!

An example of what not to do

The other day I was sitting with my wife at the breakfast table when she saw an advert by French jewelry and fashion brand Folli Follie.  She’s been a Folli Follie fan for years and was very excited to see the advert.  But then she got annoyed.  Look at the ad and see if you can guess why she got annoyed:

Taken form this month's Bahrain This Month Magazine (I think)

You guessed right!  The advert had no information what so ever!  Why am I supposed to buy from you if you don’t give me a reason to.  The advert:

1. Did not explain the benefits of buying from them
2. Did not make any sort of offer.
3. Did not ask me to take any action.
4. Did not ever bother to tell me how I can find them.

I can just imagine the shop owner sitting at his or her desk, wondering why no one is responding to the adverting.  Very bad advertising indeed.

Well that’s all for today.  Remember to implement!

Talk to you soon.

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