Summer Holiday Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Welcome to Krazy Kevin radio interview Number 21.  This week’s topic was summer safety tips.  You’ll find some valuable tips from this call on how to have a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.  The recording of the call got interrupted, so there’s a tiny bit missing from the call.  When Kevin called the guy back later, the caller asked him if he was selling a Jaguar.  What a time for a wrong number!

After listening to the interview after the call, I realized I gave two not-so-positive examples that happened in Egypt.  I guess this could be misunderstood, and I just want to make it clear that I don’t have any negative opinions of Egypt and that no offense was meant.  I believe that Egypt is “Um Al-Dunya” (the mother of the world), and a great place to visit.

After hearing the interview, I also recommend that you read this great article on travel safety by Kidpower.  Of course, if you’ve not done so already, you should read my self-defence book too!  Available at Zen-Do.  Here’s the interview:

[audio: Krazy-Kevin-Interview-21-Summer-safety-tips.mp3|titles=Krazy Kevin Interview 21 – Summer safety tips]
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