The Amazing Power of Automobile University


I think I first heard this expression from motivational guru and sales expert Zig Ziglar.  It refers to listening to educational material while driving, as opposed to listening to music.

I think this is such a powerful concept, and I cannot tell you how much I learnt over the years from different audio programmes, ranging in topics from martial arts, to spirituality, to self improvement, to copywriting, to sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and business in general.  I must have gotten three of four university degrees worth of knowledge in the last 8 years or so.  I’m currently listening to the audio version of Pert Candice’s Molecules of Emotion (really good by the way)

There was a time that I stopped listening to music altogether and only listened to educational audio material.  But in the last year and a half or so I re-introduced some music and even started listening to the radio a bit.  I was so intent on learning that I had just slow down and enjoy myself a bit more.

Anyway, want to make a big change in your life?  Want to learn new things but don’t have time? Then join Automobile University!  This low cost university can really change your life.  You’ll actually look forward to the long drives because you’ll be able to learn so much!

Here are the links to four self-development gurus I like to listen to:

Deepak Chopra

Tony Robins

Brian Tracy

Joe Vitale

Another great resource is , where they have hundreds, if not thousands of audio books.  So my friend, don’t delay and join today.  Don’t waste your money on any other type of university!

Talk to you soon.

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