Radical Marketing Secrets: How To Write Headlines That Can Make You Rich!

How To Write Mouth Watering Headlines That Will Leave Your Readers Almost Magically Entranced And Dying to Spend Money With You, Leaving Your Competitors Scratching Their Heads And Wishing They Were You!

Discover How You Too Can Double or Even Triple Your Sales With These Powerful Secrets!

I’ve decided to write a more in-depth series on marketing, called Radical Marketing Secrets.  I’ll churn them out as often as I can.  Welcome to the first edition, full of real, juicy secrets that will just inflate your wallet, and cause you to giggle and laugh like a nine-year old girl skipping and dancing your way to the bank.  Sound interesting? Here goes…

Harken on to me entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople… if you’re serious about increasing your sales, you’ve got to advertise, and if you want your adverts to be successful, it’s wise to do direct-response adverts (more about that in a minute).  And if you want your direct response adverts to be read, you’ve got to invest a lot of time and effort in the advert’s headline!

So yes, believe it or not, this blog post is all about headlines!  But before I go to headlines, let me pause at direct response advertising for just a moment.  A direct response advert is one that elicits a direct, emotional response from the reader.  This is in sharp contrast to an image or brand advert, where the emphasis is on the brand, and the creativity of the ad.  Basically, a direct response advert consists of the following elements:

1) A benefit-oriented headline.
2) Mention of the USP (unique selling proposition)
3) Benefit-laden copy.
4) An offer.
5) A call to action.

A direct response advert for Zen-Do Youth classes.

A direct response advert for Zen-Do Youth classes.

I’ll talk more about these elements in separate blog posts.  So, back to headlines.  The headline is by far the most important part of the ad.  Don’t ever assume, just because you’re in love with your ad, that people will read it – or even notice it.  They might give your ad a couple of seconds if you’re lucky, so for those couple of seconds, you better have a great headline that will compel them to read the rest of the ad.

Still not convinced?  Well, how do you decide which articles to read when you’re flipping through the newspaper (or it’s online equivalent?) The headline, right?  Imagine going through a paper without headlines, what a tedious task!  To capture your prospects attention, you have to have a compelling, attention-grabbing headline.

The headline represents 80 to 90% of the success of the ad!  And that’s why you need to spend so much time and effort into creating it.

Headline Formats:

There are some proven, effective formats that you can use.  I’ll show you 5 formats, with some examples for each.  I’ll keep one example consistent so you can get a better understanding of how the ads work.

1) Who else?

Who Else Wants To Learn How To Write Money-Making Headlines?
Who Else Wants To Lose Weight and Transform Their Body in Just 23 Minutes?
Who Else Wants to Have A Pain-Free And Healthy Spine?

See how it works? This format assumes that many are already buying the thing and are satisfied with it.  It grabs the attention.

2) How To.

How To Write Mouth Watering Headlines That Will Leave Your Readers Almost Magically Entranced…
How To Lose Weight and Transform Your Body in just 23 minutes!
How To Have Healthy and Natural-looking Skin in Just 43 hours – Without The Use of Dangerous Chemicals Created in a Lab.  For The First Time Ever! Secretive French Organic Dermatologist Reveals His Secret Formula Usually Reserved For The World’s Top Model

The “How To” format is a tried and tested formula that works with almost anything.

3) Discover.

Discover How You Can Get Greener Grass in Just 4 Days!
Discover The Secret To Losing Weight and Transforming Your Body in Just 23 Minutes!
Discover a New, Easy Way to Maintain Your Car At a Fraction of What The Dealer Charges You

This format assumes that there is something new, or unknown to discover.  It assumes that you’ve been looking for a solution and that you’ve now found it.  See how it works?

4) Announcing/Introducing.

Announcing “The Secrets to a Healthy Spine And a Better Posture” Workshop!
Introducing The New 23 Minutes Weight Loss and Body Transformation Revolution That Is Taking The Island By Storm.
Announcing The Country’s First-Ever ___________

This format assumes that there is something new that has not been seen before.  I suggest you only use it with unique new, or updated products or services.  At the end of the day, you want to gain your prospects trust and respect.

5) Flag your target readers: “Attention _____________”

Attention Business Owners!  How To Effortlessly Increase Your Sales By Using Powerful, Radical Headline Formulas!
Attention Dieters!  Discover The Secret To Losing Weight and Transforming Your Body in Just 23 Minutes!
Attention Retail Shop Owners!  New CRM Softwares Saves Up To 26.3% of Your Marketing Costs

This a very powerful technique to use.  Call out to exactly the kind of person you want to read your ad.

You Can Combine Headlines

You could say for example “Attention Arthritis Sufferers!  Announcing a New Swiss Treatment That Works in Just 21 Days.  Discover How You Too Can Reduce Your Pain By 91% – or Your Money Back!”  You can ad another headline – a subhead – to your main ad.  You can even have two or three subheads.

Anatomy of a Successful Headline

We recently launched a body transformation competition entitled The DreamBody Competition.  It’s a 12- week competition where the grand prize is my personal car.  Before I wrote the sales letter for the competition I must have spent a whole day thinking of the headline.  I went through my swipe file (a file of other marketers materials) and reference books, trying to come up with a powerful, stop-people-dead-in-their-tracks headline.  I sat down and wrote down 20 before deciding on the final one. (By the way, top copywriting trainers suggest you write down between 50 and 100 headlines before deciding on the final one!).  Here’s what I wrote:

1) Who else wants to win this car?

2) Who else wants to get their “Dream Body” – and win my car!!

3) Who else wants to win my car and get their DreamBody?

4) Announcing the amazing DreamBody Competition! Who else wants to …

5) Finally revealed… the 12-week competition that will change your life and give you the chance to win my car!

6) Who else wants to get their dreamBody in 12 weeks and get the chance to win my car??

7) How to get your DreamBody in just 12 weeks.  Announcing the …

8 ) How to finally (REALLY) motivate yourself to get your DreamBody! Announcing the DreamBody Competition.  Your chance to transform your body in 12 weeks – and win my car!!

9) Imagine an event so powerful… so life-changing that I’m actually going to give away my car for it! Announcing…

10) “They laughed when i said I would give away my car for a new and unique kind of competition!” Announcing…

11) Now you can (FINALLY) get motivated to get your DreamBody; get a chance to win thousands of dinars worth of prizes and win my car!!

12) Imagine getting your DreamBody in just 12 weeks, and driving away with my very own car!

13) Discover how you can finally get MASSIVELY motivated to get your DreamBody!

14) Unlock your hidden potential! Discover your secret motivational weapon to getting your DreamBody.  Finally revealed, the 12-Week DreamBody Competition!

15) Revealed! Your secret motivational weapon to getting your DreamBody.  Announcing the 12-week DreamBody Competition!

16) It’s finally here!  Announcing…

17) Incredible new DreamBody competition gives you the chance to get your DreamBody, AND win my car!!

18) Are you ready to get your DreamBody?? Announcing…

19) Discover how you can get your DreamBody in just 12 weeks!  Announcing…

20) Remarkable new competition will help boost your motivation and finally inspire you to get your DreamBody!

Here’s the final headline I went with:

Unlock Your hidden Potential!
“Finally Revealed!  Your Secret Motivational Weapon To Getting Your DreamBody.”
Announcing The 12-Week DreamBody Competition!
Who Else Wants to Enter the Competition, Melt Away Their Fat, and Win My Car??

What do you think?  Pretty cool, huh?  One of my personal favourites actually.

Once you’re done writing the headline, which will give you an idea which angle and direction the advert – or sales letter – will take, you can then write the rest of the copy.  I wrote a 12-page sales letter.  I then took some of the copy from it and created a full-page advert, shown below.

DB  Advert (2010)

I’m happy to say that the campaign was very successful.  Let me end this post with some homework for you.  Before doing your next advert, sit at your desk with a pen and paper, and think of your business – or one of your products or services –  and draw three columns on the sheet.  Next, give each column the following headings: Physical Benefits, Mental Benefits and Emotional Benefits.  Next, in each column write down all the benefits you can think of that your business/product/service provides.  Really do this and spend lots of time on this!

Once you’re done, write down at least 20 headlines!  As you write them, think of different ways you can incorporate one or more of the benefits you listed on your sheet.  When you’re done, choose the best headline and do the rest of your ad!  Rinse and repeat!

How’s that for some powerful secrets?  Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

By the way, I do occasionally, and selectively do some copy writing for clients.  You might consider hiring me.  Find out more here.  And remember to sign up for my free marketing course at RadicalMarketing.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and talk to you soon!

5 Responses to Radical Marketing Secrets: How To Write Headlines That Can Make You Rich!

  1. stylo 1 May 2010 at 12:45 pm #

    Hi I’m Stylo from Bahrain, You guy is really doing very well in Bahrain, We’re Running Telecom & IT News Blog in Bahrain, We’re Confused about Getting Local Sponser Ads are you have any suggestions or relevant experience then kindly let us know.
    StyloSoft Team

    • Suhail 1 May 2010 at 11:36 pm #

      Do I have suggestions? Yes, but it would take too much time and space to give you a whole plan on what to do, and I’d have to ask you a ton of questions first. So here’s a super quick suggestion, as a general rule let your sponsors/ advertisers know what’s in it for them. Let them know of all the amazing benefits they will get when they advertise with you. Of course you should have your numbers and stats available too. Where to start? Open the Yellow Pages and call all IT and Telecom related businesses and make them an offer. DO NOT just email them. If you want to make this work you have to work at it.

      Hope this helps somewhat… like I said, it’s limited what I can suggest here.

  2. A.Hadi 16 June 2010 at 4:43 am #

    Hi Suhail, I am a big fan of you, you seems to be one of the best succesful man in this country. I beleive you started your business from scratch and because you beleive in your powerful thoughts and visions. those visions that can be transformed into actions. I want to be the same. In fact I am trying to do something.
    I offering a service of TRANSLATIONS (English to Arabic) and vice versa. Also I am marketing Healthy products as well as some advertising tools.
    I do presntations in both Arabic and English in a proffissional way since I am a member of one of the Toastmaster clubs (Public Speaking and leadership) in Bahrain.
    I was one of DREAM BODY cutomers two years ago. I hope that I will get the chance to resume.

    A.Hadi Almubarak

    • Suhail 16 June 2010 at 6:49 am #

      Thanks Abdulhadi for sopping by, and the kind words. Good luck to you in your endeavors, I have no doubt you’ll make it!


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