Meeting Cameron Herold (And The Synchronicity Involved)

Me with Cameron Herold at the Capital Club

Me with Cameron Herold at the Capital Club

I’ve been looking forward to meeting Cameron Herold for a while now.  I first heard about him on internet marketer Yanik Silver’s blog.  And when I first found out he was coming to Bahrain to speak to our EO chapter I was really excited!  Cameron started several businesses, starting as a child.  He is probably most famous for helping 1-800-GOT-JUNK? grow from $2 million to $105 million in revenue in six years.  Today he is a business coach and mentor to several small businesses, and a CEO coach to large corporations throughout Canada and the United States.

Cameron Herold with EO Bahrain Chaper members and guests

Cameron Herold with EO Bahrain Chaper members and guests

He gave us an amazing presentation on “Leadership at 100 mph!”on Saturday at the Capital Club.  It was amazing!  He’s a great speaker with a soft, straight forward  manner.  No BS and no silly business jargon.  I loved it!

There’s some synchronicity here

When I walked in to the Capital Club and said hello to him, he replied by saying “nice article!” “Um… which article?” I replied. I didn’t know if he was referring to a blog post I wrote or something else.  He was referring to a business article I wrote for BIG magazine.

On the Saturday morning I checked my Twitter account and it occurred to me to check if Cameron was on Twitter, and it turns out he was.  When I went to his profile he mentioned that he experienced several delays in coming to Bahrain.  So I tweeted him [meaning I sent him a Twitter message] asking him if he would still make it.

He replied a while later saying “Funny – Pretty sure I just read an article that you wrote in a magazine on the flight over – well written if it was you ;)”  How interesting, it turns out he read an article I wrote on the flight over here, and when he arrived I had sent him a twitter message.  Is that freaky or what?  I just love synchronicity!  (If you’ve not read the popular blog post I wrote on the subject click here.

I don’t know yet if this will lead to anything further, but either way I’m glad to have met Cameron.  Really nice guy.

Thanks for reading and talk soon.

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