The Zen-Do New Year's Morning Workout

There’s a new(ish) tradition at Zen-Do [, the New Year’s morning workout!  You can see last year’s story here.  I’m sorry to say I missed it this year as I had just returned the night before from my US trip.  I arrived New Year’s eve after a 30 hour + trip!

The brave attendees were:
Sultan Mashood
Ebrahim Ahmadi
Karim El Komaishy
Hameed Hassan
Marjon Norder
Hussain Al Fardan
And Saba Saleem

Well done guys!  I commend your bravery and dedication!  The class was conducted by Sensei Hussain as our Senior Instructor, who was supposed to be teaching the class, was busy snoozing away.

After doing some basics, combinations, bag work and playing dodge ball (!!) the group had breakfast at Costa Coffee, cool!

Well done again guys and look forward to doing it with you next year!

Here are two photos:

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  1. Angela 5 January 2010 at 9:41 am #

    well done guys! inshallah I could make it next year 😀

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