The Naked Man Revisited

This morning, after my workout, I walked out of the hotel gym area and stepped into the elevator.  Just after I pressed the button for the floor that has the restaurant, I remembered that the floor doesn’t have a bathroom where I could wash my hands.

So I quickly stepped out of the elevator and went to the bathroom to wash my hands.  About sixty seconds later I left, and as I reached the elevator I saw the elderly man from a few days ago! A.k.a “Naked Man” (he was fully dressed this time.)

“Hi!” he said.  “Did you and I have a conversation about New Zealand last time?”  “Um…no” I replied, making my way quickly to the elevator.

“Hmm,” he said thoughtfully.  “Are you sure we didn’t talk about New Zealand?”  We spoke about Bahrain briefly I thought, but I wasn’t going to risk sharing that.

“Have a nice day” I said hurriedly as I stepped into the elevator.  “You too!” he replied.

Phew!  That was close…

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