Rochester And Other Musings

I arrived here in Rochester, MN, via Chicago, last night after a 30+ hours journey.  I thought I’d share some of my musings with you.

The plane was comfortable and the service was very good.  Somehow I expected more, but I’m not sure what I expected.  I travelled in business and I half-expected the seats to be made of unicorn leather and for the seat to turn into a 4-posted, golden king-sized bed.  Or was that Emirates or maybe Qatar Airways ?  Or maybe I just had unrealistic expectations from the Etihad Ads.  Don’t get me wrong, an excellent airline, just unrealistic expectations from my side.

I liked their entertainment system.  Excellent choice of movies, series, documentaries etc.  Also, the screens were big!  The size  of small TV’s!  I watched two movies, and one or two comedy episodes.  I also read a lot.  I finished 80% of the book I brought with me during this journey, and I suspect I’ll finish the rest by today.

The book I have with me is My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, edited by Sidney Rosen.  Great book if you’re into that sort of thing.

Of course in O’Hare I was taken to the side because of my evil nationality.  I was made to wait for an hour or so.  There were several other evil nationalities that needed to be processed before me.  When my turn came up I was called by the Homeland Security lady.  She looked kind of Latin.  Here’s an excerpt of our conversation, while she was processing my passport:

HLS lady:  And how long will you be staying in the US?

Me:  Well I’m booked to return in two weeks, but it depends on my father’s progress.  He’s here in the Mayo Clinic.

HLS lady:  Oh I hope he gets better soon.  Is it serious?

Me: I hope not.

HLS lady:  I hope he gets better soon.  You don’t look Saudi.

Me:  Yeah I’ve been told that before.  My mother is German.

HLS lady: Oh that’s interesting!  Are they still together?

What??  Why wouldn’t they be?

Me:  Yes.

HLS lady: That’s nice.  It’s nice to see they lasted so long.

What the …..?  Why wouldn’t they last this long??

Me:  Thanks…

HLS lady: .يالله، بالسلامه ان شاء الله


Me:  Where are you from?  I mean I know you’re American, but where are you from originally?

HLS lady: I’m from Iraq.

Well how bloody interesting is that!

HLS lady: Ok.  You’re done, you can go.

Me:  !مشكورة.في امان الله

HLS lady: .مع السلامة

The flight to Rochester got delayed by an hour, which was okay with me.  O’Hare has lots of restaurants and stores, so it’s not difficult to entertain yourself while waiting.  But I read mostly.

The plane was one of those tiny cigar-tube type planes.  But by the time I sat down I was so tired I just slept until just before landing.

I’m staying in a very nice Double Tree hotel, part of the Hilton Group.  Now I’m hanging out with my parents in the Mayo Clinic.

Talk to you soon.

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