Singaporean Mother of Two says Zen-Do helped tone her body, and deal with stress better. 


Yet more great feedback from a Zen-Do student.  I admit I never get tired of hearing it :).  Here’s what Sharon Paul Kaur says about Zen-Do:

Since I live in Hamala, I used to see the Zen-Do sign every time I was on my way home, or out. The word “kickboxing”, really caught my attention. One day, I finally decided to visit Zen-Do and see what it’s all about. It really excited me, because here is a way to keep fit without being boring. I was so bored of the usual jogging or aerobics, and here was a change. Not only that, since starting Zen-Do I’ve seen an improvement in my coordination and reflexes, because a lot of the techniques and exercises are based on these.

The instructors and the team at Zen-Do are a really friendly bunch. I look forward to going to Zen-Do, especially to see what the instructors have planned for the day, for us victims 🙂

After I started, I even enrolled my son into their Little Ninjas program. Zen-Do to me, is adrenaline, heart pumping. Not only that, I’ve made some really good friends here with the other students, whom I meet up with, on a regular basis.

I use Zen-Do as a stress buster. Punching and kicking those bags helps me take out a lot of my stress. After a workout, I’m more relaxed, more calm, and more focused. Ever since I joined I also feel like I’ve become more toned. I have more stamina and more energy, which really helps since I have two young children.

I have just recently joined Zen-Do’s Black Belt Club, and I hope to see this through till my Black Belt. I have just started sparring as well, which is a whole other experience from the regular classes. It’s that one step higher. I haven’t missed a sparring class yet, and I think I’m seeing progress in my sparring skills as well!

Overall, Zen-Do has been a really good experience and I’m hoping that this experience continues.

Sharon Paul Kaur

Why not test drive Zen-Do for yourself.  Call us on 17 611 909.

Talk to you soon.

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