South African Father of Two Says Zen-Do is an Excellent Way To Keep fit and Learn Self-Defence

Zen-Do student and Black Belt Club Member Nick Venter.

Zen-Do student and Black Belt Club Member Nick Venter.

As you probably know by now, I love getting good feedback! 🙂  Below is another great example of how Zen-Do is changing someone’s life in a positive manner.  It’s from Nick Venter from South Africa.  Here’s what he has to say:

My name is Nick and I would like to share my experience and time spent at Zen-Do with you.  I started training at ZD 9 months ago, I realized sitting and being inactive was affecting my health negatively so something had to change. I had gained a lot of weight, always lethargic and lacked energy. My diet consisted mostly of take-aways, soft drinks, snacks anything quick and easy.

Step one was to get my diet in check, more home cooked meals, vegetables, fruits and controlling my portions size.  That done the next step was to get active (easier said than done). Early on in life I realized I performed better as a team player, so going to the gym or jogging and cycling did not appeal to me as most of the time that sport is practised alone by the individual.

That’s why ZD appealed to me, in the class with the other students you feel part of a team, it really helps you to keep motivated and give your best, you always have the Sensei’s encouraging you to hit or kick harder getting the most out of you, which in turn makes you feel better after the work-out.

ZD for me is is an excellent way to keep fit, good cardio and strength training and while getting fit you also learning a martial art that will come in handy in a self defence situation.

I keep telling people, the benefits you get from kickboxing are innumerable, and Nick is living proof it.  Anyway, thinking of trying it?  We offer you two FREE, no-obligation trial classes.  Our contact details are on our website.

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon.

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