The Seven Unwritten Laws of Kickboxing

Knowing how to kick box can change your life.

Knowing how to kick box can change your life.

1) Kickboxing makes you a badass!

Oops  I meant to say bad@$$. Anyway, when you kick-box  your confidence soars, your gate changes, your aura grows and people around you notice a difference, but they can’t explain it.  You’ve already won the fight without ever knowing a fight happened.  The Force is within you.

2) Kickboxing relaxes you:

You thought kickboxing makes someone violent? Quite the opposite my friend.  Kickboxing calms you down, and makes you peaceful.  There’s probably no stress relieving activity like it on planet Earth.  Once you’ve hit those bags, and released those endorphins, you enter a Zen-like state of happiness, calmness and bliss.

3) Kickboxing makes you more social:

Again, not what most people would expect.  When you kick-box you meet new people and you share a common interest.  This common interest, coupled with training together creates an unbreakable bond.  These bonds last for life.  No one else understands them.

4) Kickboxing can save your life:

Nothing like learning a good set of techniques to kick someone’s backside if you have to.  The techniques are simple yet extremely powerful.  Someone threatened you? Do a full blown front kick to their… um… Genghis Khan.

5) Kickboxing can improve your “you-know-what” life.

No, really I’m not kidding!  You become stronger, faster, more flexible, more powerful and last longer.  Wink wink.

6) Kickboxing scares away evil spirits:

What??  Yes, evil spirits don’t like bad@$$es, they like to haunt whiney, scared, squirrely people.  Just ask Dr Yamuka who did an intensive study on this.

7) Kickboxing makes you happier:

With increased fitness, co-ordination, flexibility, stamina, fitness, speed, reflexes, strength, power, energy, confidence, self-esteem, self-control, concentration, focus and inner calmness, you can’t help but become happier.  It may be the secret of happiness you’ve been looking for!

There you have it, seven unrefutable laws.  Just like the law of gravity, these laws cannot be changed.  Just as sure as the sun rises in the North and sets in your face…

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