How the DreamBody Centre Helped This British Expat Lose 10 kg, 5.5 Inches Of Fat From Her Waist And Relieved Her of Her Inhaler!

Julie Urwin in the dress she'd been saving for 8 years.  It now finally fits.

Julie Urwin in the dress she'd been saving for 8 years. It now finally fits.

Last week I shared the story of David Urwin with you.  David lost 13.2 kg and 7 inches of fat from his waist at the DreamBody Centre.  If you recall, he mentioned his wife, who also got great results with us.

Well, this is the story of David’s wife Julie.  Julie Urwin lost 10 kg at the DBC!  Unfortunately, she did not provide me with a “before” photo.  But she does explain why in the testimonial below.  Find out the touching story of the dress she is wearing as you read this:

I am not sure I ever kept any fat photos, I am so embarrassed. I have never liked having my photos taken anyway. I was sure I could never be as fat as in the photographs I would view. Surely the camera must put on so much weight!

Can you believe all these years I have been lying to myself? I would look in the mirror and see a slim person but never understand why I had to buy such big clothes. Since coming to Bahrain I had increased by two dress sizes and no longer could I wear anything in my wardrobe. I refused to buy any more new clothes, I had to do something about it.

Although I had seen the adverts in the magazines for DBC, I just did not believe it was possible.  I joined DBC with my husband. I have no will power and probably would never had joined on my own. We keep each other on the right track as much as possible.

I started DBC at 82 kilos and within a couple of weeks I could see and feel the difference.  The inches had already started to move. My clothes felt looser. My friends could see a difference.

I have asthma and since joining I have never had to use my inhaler.  It’s great! What a difference, not only have I got thinner and fitter, my breathing has improved too.  It has been a steady weight loss and even when I have not stuck to the eating plan I have still lost inches and weight.

I measured my tummy when I started. It’s after all, the fattest part of my body.  To date I have lost 5 and a half inches off my tummy alone.  So in less than 6 months I have lost 17 inches off my body (including my tummy measurement) and I have dropped 10 kilos.

When I go to the DBC and new people are being shown around I just want to stop and tell them all to join now. It really does work and it’s so simple.  The more effort you put in the quicker you loose. Only 3 times a week for 23 minutes. Where else can you achieve this?

This week it was my birthday and yesterday we went out for brunch. I put on a dress that I have not been able to get into since I bought it, some 8 years previous. I kept it in the hope that one day there would be a miracle and I would be able to wear it. It is such a lovely dress I could not bear to part with it.

Yesterday was that day and I wore it for my birthday brunch with pride. That was my target. To be able to wear that dress. So here is the photo of me in my dress. With a huge big thank you to DBC and all your customer focused staff, who have become our friends.
Who are never unhappy or rude, who always smile and take time to chat. THANK YOU

Wanna get results like that?  Why not give us a call on (+973) 17 582 982 in Seef district, and (+973) 17 613 352 in Hamala.  Maybe  now is the time to finally make this big change in your life.

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon.

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