Fixing My Posture

I’m my own worse enemy when it comes to my posture.  I stand incorrectly and sit really badly.  I spend most of my time on my desk working on something or other, and I have to confess my sitting position is not ideal at all.

Anyway, my wife was raving about a Yoga and Pilates instructor that she had a few sessions with.  She told me how she gave her some advice on posture etc. Roberta Trzebinski has been in Bahrain for many years now, and is meant to be one of the most qualified instructors in the fitness/Pilates/yoga field.

I have structural scoliosis (meaning my spine is curved) and I wanted to make sure I fix my posture before I get any older, and somehow make things worse with my bad sitting habits.  I saw her yesterday to help me sort out my poor posture.  She gave me some great advice on what I should do.  She did a detailed postural analysis, and later emailed me her findings.  Check it out!

What i have noticed and what you can see yourself from the pics …

slight eversion  of both feet when walking but not on standing

The whole body is fwd to the plumb line

dorsiflexed in both ankles

patella of the R knee slight depressed and perhaps medially rotated,did not check during movement and did not take a pic of you in the frontal plane but you can do that in front of a mirror or  can have another session to go through dynamic posture assessment if you like…

you can see there is a difference at the knee in pic 729 where you tend to be slightly fwd with your R knee but somehow as you adjusted your overall stance it got sorted , you see it in pic 731. I would expect some differences between the L and R side anyhow due to your scoliosis… of course you have it but it is not that bad … Again not sure how it is affecting you during movement you did the roll down pretty much in a central plane of movement I could not detect any rotation at that point which is something one does if scoliotic…

you appear to have some difference between L and R bottom ribs which i suspect it is down to your spinal curves

huge imbalance  between your L and R shoulders… it appears to be more due to an overdeveloped muscle (upper trapezius) rather than something to do with collar bone or shoulder blades or even ribcage placement… in fact the R shoulder blade was slightly higher than the L if anything.

head position slightly translated toward the R

What does it all mean in real terms… you need to strengthen certain muscles that you are probably underutilising i know it is difficult due to the activities you are conducting on a daily basis… However… you can work on aligning yourself as often as you can against the wall and try to do an imprint of yourself so that the sacrum, upper thorax and the most prominent part of the back of the head is touching the wall and stay there … for least 10 breaths, then walk about , do it again 2 more times and every day… you are trying to create a muscle memoy… watch yourself during your day where you are at with your posture and try to adjust accordingly , effortlessly… it may appear to you that you are just pushing your chest out but in actual fact you have to start from your base of support … your feet and move up from there… not just arching your lower back and pushing your chest out it is not as simple as that. it is mu more subtler than that as you need to tap into your postural muscles , the stabilisers of your body, and not into your more superficial mobilisers…

you can also do something about the way you sit at your desk for long hours…try sitting on a stability ball for a while you need a 75cm one, the head of the femur has to be slighlty higher than your knees so you dont grip into you hip flexors… check head position in relation to the screen , you should be reading at eye level parallel with the floor, not down cant remember if i mentioned this point in relation to laptop but i did mention it in relation to your posture against the wall

Interesting what you learn huh?  God willing you’ll see me walking, standing and sitting properly from now onwards.  I’m planning to bring Roberta to Zen-Do and/or DBC to do a seminar for us.  Look out for that.

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