Meeting The Reiki Master in the Country Mall

Suhail Algosaibi with Frank Petter

Suhail Algosaibi with Frank Petter

It’s Sunday morning and I’m not really refreshed after the weekend (FYI international readers, the week here starts on Sundays).  It’s been quite an active weekend.  Two interesting events stand out that I want to share with you…

The first was an anti-bullying seminar I did on Friday at Bayan School. I’ll talk more about that in a couple of days, as I want to show you a video of some of the highlights.  So stay tuned for that.

The second event was held at the Country Mall to mark a day where people are given blue ribbons to make them feel special.  I’m not actually sure what the day is called.  The ribbons say “Who I am makes a difference.”  There’s an interesting story about how this whole thing got started, you can find out more at

Anyway, the event in the Country Mall also had a lot of stalls of alternative therapists displaying their goods and services.  All the income generated at the stalls was being donated to charity.  There was former Zen-Do mother Kecia Braggs talking about personal empowerment; a Chinese reflexology and massage stall; an organic vegetables stall; a Brain Gym stall; a Chinese tea stall and much more.  I was asked to participate as well but I declined, as I was given just too little notice.  With my busy schedule I need several weeks notice to participate in any event.

There was also a Chinese Wushu and Tai-Chi demonstration.  This was done by a Chinese female master based in Bahrain.  She was assisted by one of her students.  I enjoy watching Tai-Chi demonstrations.  The style is graceful and quite artistic.

There was another stall there with some nurses offering blood pressure and blood sugar tests.  Feeling a bit smug, I thought I’d have myself tested.  The reason I was feeling smug was because I knew the results would probably be excellent.  So I went to the stall and asked the Bahraini nurses there to do the checks for me.  and as I expected, the results were great.  The nurse told me “Al-Dhaght wallsukkar indik wayed zain!” Basically they were impressed!  My blood pressure was 119/69. And my blood sugar level was 5.2 mmol, which apparently is very good – and it means I don’t have diabetes.  Mashallah, mashallah!

Anyway, one of the stalls was offering a half hour Reiki session with Frank Petter.  In the Reiki world, this guy is a big deal.  For those who don’t know what Reiki is, it’s a form of energy healing.  Well, there’s more to it than that, but in essence, it’s using your body’s energy to help others heal.

Reiki is one of those therapies that people who believe in it swear by it, and those who don’t dismiss it.  Like many alternative therapies, it’s difficult to fully prove its effectiveness, and difficult to fully disprove it.  I’ve taken a Reiki course a couple of years ago.  Personally, I feel that it does work – to a certain degree.  When someone gives you Reiki you feel heat emanating from their hands.  It’s quite remarkable really.

But I think Reiki can only do so much.  For the person who smokes, drinks and generally lives an unhealthy lifestyle, Reiki can’t save him from the diseases and illnesses that will eventually catch up with him.

I think Reiki is often made to sound more mysterious and mystical than it really is.  It’s not magic and it’s not some sort of spirit healing mumbo-jumbo.  It’s just energy healing.  The universe and atmosphere is full of energy.  Our bodies have energy too.  So, as I understand it, Reiki is just someone gathering their own energy, and that of the universe, and channelling it into someone else.

When I saw that Frank Petter had a stall I signed up for a session.  I was told I needed to wait about 20 minutes, but instead ended up waiting for an hour or so because he was being interviewed by Bahrain TV.  When he was finally done I only had about 15 minutes before I had to pick up my daughter from art class.  He told me that was fine, and that I should just tell him when I need to go.

I told him that I wanted to ask him some questions in addition to doing a session with him.  He said that was fine.  For someone who is supposed to be a big guru he was remarkably down to earth and approachable.  I sat in a chair in his booth and he placed one of his (really big) hands on my stomach (covering a “chukra”), and the other hand on my lower back, covering another chukra.

Frank Petter is German and learned Reiki “from a Japanese grandmother.”  His hand felt really really warm.  He asked me if I had any complaints and I told him no.  I told him that I was quite fit and healthy, but that I sometimes suffer from stress (caused by things like delays in opening of second 23-minute centres, but that’s a whole other story.)  While he was sharing his energy I asked him some questions.  And he gave me some insightful answers.  Below is a synopsis of some of the things we discussed:

In the Reiki course I took, there was a preparatory ritual-like process that we did in order to summon energy.  I couldn’t quite remember what it was, so I asked him.

He told me that you don’t really need to “summon” the energy per se.  He said that the grandmother he learnt from told him that you put your hand on the body to turn the energy on, and remove it to turn the energy off.  That’s it.

He further explained that maybe some people need to first gather or summon the energy with a ritual because they need to focus first and gather their thoughts, which is fine.  But if you’re focused, you don’t need to do that.

I asked him if Reiki can heal anything, even cancer.  He said yes “it helps” with everything.  He said that a Reiki practitioner does not “heal” anyone at all.  It just helps facilitate the body’s own healing process.  He said that a patient’s body might be full of toxins, and if it does not have enough energy to get rid of them, the person will get sicker.  What the Reiki practitioner does is just share his energy with the patient so that his body gets enough energy to heal itself.  That’s all there is to it.  “There’s no magic or anything like that,” he added.

That made a lot of sense to me.  He spoke in a straight forward, matter-of-fact manner.  He had a warm smile and a calm aura about him.  I liked him, and I liked how he didn’t pretend to be some sort of magical, mystical healer.

He applied energy to my stomach and back, chest and head.  After about 20 minutes I told him I had to go get my daughter from art class.  I promised her to take her to the museum for some father-daughter alone time.  I thanked him for the session and took a picture with him.

I felt pretty good afterwards and quite energised.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be in touch soon.

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  1. julian obead 2 May 2009 at 3:37 pm #

    even if any body want to give his opinion or to criticize any body else, to write such words is not the acceptable way, in my opinion your words simply reflect your bad character…
    Mr. qusaibi..I do consider recieving such notes as you wrote is a sign of sucess from person how lost the sense of politeness.



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