Meeting The Recycling Lady

Jameela walked into Zen-Do this morning.  She came in during our Sunday morning instructor’s training session.  She said she wanted some information, when I asked Saba, our Membership Advisor to help her she said “no, I need to speak to you,” while pointing at me.

“Hmmm…” I thought, as a general rule, I never see anyone without an appointment, and not without first making sure that another Team Member can help them.  But his morning I made an exception.  Besides, it was clear that she didn’t want a “meeting” per se.

It turns out Jameela, who is Dutch married to a Bahraini, has a website in Bahrain promoting recycling.  She wanted to ask some questions about the recycling bins we have at Zen-Do.  She also gave me some interesting facts about the benefits of recycling.

Check out her site at  The site has quite a bit of useful information, as well as links, forums etc.  We should all do our bit to help the environment, even if it means just recycling a few newspapers a week.

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