Random Thoughts About The Weekend

I’m going through a mix of emotions and sensations these days. Overall, I’m my happy funkadelic self.  But I’m also exhausted and slightly stressed.

Having a new born in the house can be tiring!  To be honest, the worst of the sleepless nights are over (at least for me).  Tameem is on a pretty good routine and seems to have settled into his new room quite well. What’s exhausting me is being a part-time mom.  I’m dropping the older kids to school daily and picking them up again.  Before Tameem’s birth I was only picking them up twice a week.

I’m also doing the shopping – which I really don’t enjoy.  I must be the world’s greatest anti-shopper!  I’m going to Jawad once a week with a shopping list.  When I complained to some friends that I do the shopping now, they told me that they actually do it all the time.  What??? You enjoy shopping?  One of them even offered to do the shopping for me!  How weird is that?  I politely declined.

I also hate clothes shopping.  The only time I do it is when my clothes start falling apart.  My poor wife has tried to take me shopping several times in the past, and I always refused.  The conversations go something like this:

“Habibi you really need to go clothes shopping.  Do you want to go together?”

“No thanks, I’m too busy, I’ve got lot’s of things to do these days.”

“Fine, do you want me to do it for you?”

“No!  I’ll do it when I get the time.”

“Okay but please do it soon.”

“What’s the rush?”

“Well, for one thing your Moschino pants are starting to embarrass me.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with my Moschino pants?”

“Well for one thing darling, they’re from 1997…”

I don’t know why I don’t enjoy shopping.  I think it’s genetic.  My father doesn’t shop either.  That’s why my mother does all the clothes shopping for him.  I guess I don’t let my wife do the shopping for me because I don’t want to turn into one of those my-wife-buys-my-clothes-for-me guys.  But I’m getting better.  The other day I actually bought a pair of jeans in more than 2 minutes!  I must have stayed in Gap for at least 4 minutes!

Speaking of Gap, a nice lady approached me there saying “are you who I think you are?”  “It depends on who you think I am!” I said smugly.  “You’re the kickboxing guy, right?”  “Yes I am!”  I said.

“I just wanted to tell you I enjoy reading your blogs!”  she told me.  “Thank you very much,” I replied.  “And congratulations on the birth of your son.  Anyway, I won’t keep you, I just wanted to tell you that,” she said as she walked away.  “Thanks very much I really appreciate it,” I said in parting.  After some time when my ego reduced to normal size again, and I didn’t have to support my inflated head with both hands, I realised I didn’t ask her for her name.  Well, nice-lady-whom-I-met-in-Gap, if you’re reading this, sorry I didn’t ask for your name, and thanks again for the kind words.

So, let me share some news and views from this past weekend:

–  It was my son Laith’s birthday on Friday.  He’s been counting down the days for a week.  Despite the stress of having a new born in the house, and being short staffed (one of the maids is on extended leave) we managed to pull off a great party for him.  It was a family only affair.  His cousins came and he had lots of presents and played all day.  He had a Ben Ten cake.  Seeing him so happy makes me so happy.  He’s five years young, and he’s my special boy!  I love that kid to bits.  Here’s a mini-video of him getting his “Cars” musical birthday card:

[Sorry video was deleted when the blog was moved to a new server]

– It was also my grandfather’s birthday this weekend.  My grandparents are visiting from Germany.  My grandfather’s birthday is a day after Laith’s – give or take 86 years 🙂  We took my grandfather to Trader Vick’s for dinner.  I think he enjoyed it, being surrounded by two of his children, and four of his grand kids.  Communicating with my grandfather is getting harder each year, as his hearing is getting worse.  But I feel lucky that he’s still with us, and that he and my grandmother were here in Bahrain when Tameem was born.  My grandparents have four kids, nine grand kids and eight great-grand kids.  Mashalla tabarakalla!

– Sunday morning (attention international readers, in Bahrain the week starts on a Sunday, not Monday) I had the usual martial arts training session with the Zen-Do team.  We covered The three different learning styles people have.  For your information, they are auditory, visual and kinaesthetic.  The auditory learn mainly by listening, the visual people by seeing, and the kinaesthetic by doing.  During our session I discussed the importance of a kickboxing instructor to teach covering all three learning styles, so that all students benefit.  I bet you always wanted to know that, right?

– DreamBody Centre Number Two is not open yet.  We were assured it would be open in 48 hours – about a week ago.  That’s 120 hours overdue so far.  I’m trying not to let it bother me, because there’s no point in getting more frustrated than I already am.  All I can say is sorry to disappoint everyone who’s been waiting.  And thank you for you patience.

– Well, we’re on the eve of the swearing in of Barrak Obama.  Like most people, I have a lot of hopes for this guy.  But not that high.  I doubt American policy will change much regarding Palestine, and let’s remember he has very little experience.  So let’s wait and see how he turns out.  I share the sentiment that most people have – anything is better than Bush.  Anything!  Speaking of Bush, I think I’m actually going to miss him!  It’s the end of an era, and what an era!  I think our grandchildren will ask us what the world was like during the notorious years of George W. Bush.  “Oh come children,” we’ll tell them.  “Gather round me as I tell you terrifying tales of George the Bungling Mass Murderer…”  Here’s a parting Youtube video of him for you:

Well, that’s all for today my friend.  I’m travelling tonight to London and Austin, Texas.  I’m attending Joe Vitale’s “Awakening Course”.  No really I am, I’m not joking…

I’ll be in touch from there at some point.  Talk soon.

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