How Clarity Helped A Swiss Man Choose a Phone For His Girlfriend

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m standing in the Nokia shop in GOSI, wondering whether I should buy the new Nokia E71.  You see I lost my mobile the day before and all attempts at finding it were in vain.

I suspect I accidentally dropped it going into, or out of my car.  I hate it when these things happen!  A couple of months ago my hard disk crashed and with it my whole life.  Now I lose my mobile, SIM card and all.  I must admit I don’t back-up my data often enough.  I managed to salvage some numbers from my old laptop, but most of them are gone – years worth of numbers!

Anyway, I decide to take the Nokia but I ask the sales attendant to check if it’s Mac compatible.  As I’m waiting for him to do that a a Swiss guy walks in saying that he wants to buy an “N series” phone for his girlfriend.

The sales attendant hands him the model and he starts checking it out.  And just before he is going to buy it he sees another model, an “E series”.  He gets confused, and holds both phones in his hands for about ten minutes.  He seems to swing in one direction only to change his mind and swing in the other.

He asks the sales attendant some questions, which he duly answers.  But the guy is still confused.  In the meantime I’ve decided to go for the new phone and just before I leave, the Swiss guy says to me “excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a question?  Which of these two phones would you get?”

“Well”, I said “if I heard you correctly you said that your girlfriend asked you to buy the phone for her.  If that’s the case always get what a woman asks for!”  (trust me, this is very good advice!)

He laughed and said that was a good idea.

I then added “Look, it depends on what you want – or rather what she wants.  As far as I know the N series are sort of multi-media entertainment type phones, while the E series is a business phone.  Which one do you think suits her more?”

You could almost see the light bulb switch on over his head!  He smiled, shook my hand and thanked me.  “I’ll take the N series!” he said enthusiastically.

So he walked out with his new N series, and I went home with my brand new E71 (just like my good friend Mr 😉  )

So why am I telling you all this? Because one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you can ever do in your life is to develop clarity.  Only if you know where you want to go, can you get there.  Only if you know what you need your phone for, will you be able to know which one to buy.  When I walked into the Nokia store I told the sales attendant I wanted a business phone with a specific list of functions, and he immediately handed me the said phone.

My point is you should develop clarity in all areas of your life, otherwise you’ll never be satisfied, because you don’t even know what you want.

When Alice was lost in Wonderland, she asked the Cheshire cat “would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the

“I don’t much care where –” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

Wise cat.  So my friend, get into the habit of developing clarity.  Know what you want, only then can you get it.  Maybe you want to get fitLose weight maybe?  Maybe, just maybe, you should call us and we’ll help you reach your goals…

One of the many hats I wear is a marketing consultant, where I teach business owners “Radical Marketing” techniques to help build their businesses to rapid success.  But interestingly, I often spend a large portion of the day developing clarity with the business owner.  They might ask me “what should I do?”, and my usual response is “well, what do want to achieve?  What are your goals?”  It’s hard to give them advice if they don’t have answers to these questions.

As an aside, if you’re reading this and happen to be in sales, make sure you’re asking your customers and clients what they want.  The Nokia sales attendant could have spared my new Swiss friend ten minutes of his time if he had just asked him a couple of clarifying questions.  For example “what will the phone be used for?”  This is actually selling 101.  But it’s scary how many sales people out there don’t even receive selling 101 training.

That’s all for today, talk to you soon.

2 Responses to How Clarity Helped A Swiss Man Choose a Phone For His Girlfriend

  1. Rene 17 September 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    Hello Mr Suhail,

    Actually i first heard your name as a customer
    And after that as a friend of our M.D
    And also instuctor of Radical Marketing
    Then i know that you are the boss of my friend

    Only some peoples will be an inspiration for a person
    Likewise i am on the path
    The Above mentioned “Clarity of choosing a phone for girl friend”
    Not all the peoples come t shop what they want
    There are peoples who tend to shop what’s neww in the shop or dont have any idea”
    And as u say being alone in the sales you wont be having same mentality customers.
    But we will t ry serve all” Just to satisfy them we will offer them later.
    We can speak a lot likewise.
    Anyhow the above said quotes clarify they want then cater them is really really a good point
    I appreciate it

  2. R. Wilson. 4 May 2009 at 10:44 am #

    I’d love to come to your dojo but it doesn’t teach what I wanna learn, Suhail!
    What I wanna learn is probably what you wanna know.
    People have tried tirelessly to build a Capoeira centre, in Bahrain, to no avail!
    There are many like me wo have done it before and are absolutely upset that it isn’t available in Bahrain with the timings that match their requirements.
    I wonder if you have any understanding of the demand for it in Bahrain or if I’m the first to talk to you of it.
    My guess is that the failure of Bahrain to keep and maintain a Capoeira academy or a Capoeirista, to teach, is the Brazilian desire for freedom which isn’t felt in Bahrain for a variety of reasons.
    I’d like you to get back to me about Capoeira and your experiences with it, if any.

    Many thanks mate,
    R. Wilson.

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