Two Powerful Lessons My Master Taught Me

I feel privileged and honoured to have trained under a world champion. Master Rafael Nieto had a huge impact in my life. Not only did I learn some powerful martial arts techniques from him, but I also learnt some valuable life lessons.

I prepared a short video explaining two lessons that stick out in my mind. Click on the play button below to see the video:

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  1. Rabha 21 August 2008 at 8:24 am #

    Thanks alot Suhail, I really liked your 2 lessons and I started my day with two of them in my mind for my trip today in Kuwait for shopping. The city here is very hot today and as you said I should avoid the heat by not shopping in the open market , rather I should go for the malls. I am packed evey day with new tasks as part of my career that I feel sometimes I am floded with them but I shoudnot loose the hope in Finishing them on time annd as perfect as I can.

    Although it was not the first time to hear these messages, but getting reminded with them help to continue effeciently in this hictic life, so Keep sending your invaluable lessons just to help every body coping with thier daily to daily life. Thanks Suhail.

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