Me in a German Circus!

Here’s some news from Germany.

The other day my wife, my mother, my cousin Anna and I, took Selma and Laith to a circus. Zirkus Bromach was the name I think. It was one of these -really, really- small, family circuses.

The performers were also the people who sold the overpriced popcorn, who were also the ushers who were also the animal attendants. Speaking of animals, the circus boasted several “exotic” animals, including a donkey, a pony, some goats, a llama, and a camel! This wasn’t exactly Vegas quality, but the kids enjoyed it, and that’s what counts.

At one point during the show “Banane” (meaning Banana) the Clown called some people from the audience on to the stage. It was a tiny audience. Among others he called me, my cousin Anna, and my mother! We had to do some silly acts, but it was lots of fun and we had a really good laugh. Here’s a video of my bit. I had to act like Tarzan. Enjoy šŸ™‚

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